As part of a policy to introduce parking charges at selected parks across the city, Birmingham City Council is launching a consultation into introducing charging at a park in the centre of Northfield. 

If proposals go ahead, Victoria Park will be the second in Birmingham – after Cannon Hill Park – to have charges implemented.

Why charge?

The council says that the parking charges will be used to support parks, saying funds raised will: “provide an income stream to both protect services and facilities within parks, as well as improving parks where we can.”

Seven city parks – including Victoria Common, Lickey Hills Country Park and Cannon Hill Park – were identified as suitable for the introduction of charging in June 2017. Charges were introduced at Cannon Hill Park in October 2017, but none of the others identified have had charges imposed as yet.

About Victoria Common

Victoria Common is a 21 acre Victorian park and is bordered by Northfield Shopping Centre, Church Road, St Laurence Road and Heath Road South.

Formerly known as Bradley’s Field, it was re-landscaped as a public park in 1897, to mark Queen Victoria’s 1897 Diamond Jubilee.

The park is popular with dog walkers and families and has a number of facilities including; enclosed play areas, football pitches, a picnic garden, an outdoor gym, a multi-use games area and tennis courts.

It also hosts events, such as Northfield Carnival.

The car park lies just off Church Road, on Meeting House Lane, next to Northfield’s Quaker Meeting House.

The charges

The proposal is to charge for parking between 8am and 6pm every day. With the park opening at 7am, parking will be free for that first hour.

Charges will be payable using Pay and Display machines n the car park or by mobile phone using the RingGo service

Proposed pricing structure:

  • Up to 1 hour: 50p
  • Up to 4 hours: £2
  • All day: £3
  • Blue Badge holders: Free

The benefits? 

The council say that charging at Victoria Common will bring the following benefits:

  • Reinvestment in the park
  • Improved pedestrian access to the park on Meeting House Lane and improvements to the car park itself
  • Provision of designated disabled parking bays
  • Traffic enforcement officer presence may deter antisocial behaviour
  • Help BCC Parks department to meet budget reduction targets
  • Allow park users to use the car park

An initial usage survey by the council of people using the car park found that only 12% of those sampled were actually using the park.

Have Your Say

When: The consultation runs between Monday 22nd July and Sunday 18th August 2019.

What: You can view the proposals online

Survey: You can take the online survey on the Birmingham BeHeard website. Some face-to-face questionnaires will also be conducted in the park on random days throughout the period of consultation.

Drop-in sessions

Residents and park users are invited to attend one of two consultation drop-in sessions to speak to members of the project team, discuss the proposals and have any queries answered.

Engineers from Birmingham City Council Highway’s Team are an integral part of the project team and will be present at the drop-in sessions to discuss the proposed car park designs and any potential traffic restrictions for surrounding roads.

  • Session 1: Thursday 1st August, 12-2pm
  • Session 2: Wednesday 7th August, 6-8pm
  • Venue: Quaker Meeting House, Meeting House Lane, Northfield B31 2LD


  1. I’m all for it, just so long as the money is ring-fenced for the benefit of the park itself and not reallocated for some pisspoor idea, of which this incompetent council have many!

    £2 for four hours seems very reasonable, although I guess there will be the detractors who will say “Why am I paying council tax for?”

    Well nothing in life is truly free, not even water or air. So get used to it and enjoy the view!

    • Some selected things that are truly free in life:
      life itself, death, poverty, litter, rain, photons, propaganda, wind, diseases, thoughts, vacuum, quantum energy, stupidity, etc.
      And obviously the most important item on the list is … all the not entirely well thought through comments of Zola :)

  2. This is another scheme to generate money for the council. Parking has been free at this site for the fifty two years I have lived in Northfield. I suspect they are trying to recover some of the money wasted on the refuse collection debacle.
    Unfortunately persons working locally have taken it over by leaving their cars all day. If the council intend to control this with parking enFORCEment (capitals deliberate; no encouragement with our council), it can be achieved by limiting the parking time, say to 3 free hours (like Sainsburys), controlling it via a camera. They seem to have no trouble sticking bus lane cameras everywhere.
    I just hope this is not like some of the other council ‘consultations’ where the decision has already been taken and they are merely going through the motions of consulting the public.

  3. Northfield Councillor Armstrong often makes comments on various subjects in B31 Voices. I may have missed it, but what is his position on parking charges at Victoria Park?

  4. Good idea.This should be done at more parks where people park all day but are not using the park.Kings Norton is another prime example of this as people park there all day and walk to the train station to go into Birmingham city centre to work.During the school holidays it means that people taking children to the park have to park streets away and dodge the traffic with small children as there are no crossings by the park.

  5. seems fair enough at face value with the money reinvested back into the park. but A quick glance at the proposal document though ,and it falls at the first hurdle when it ask’s and .answers……………

    ‘2. Why Victoria Common?
    There are visitors to the park who cannot use the car park after 10am as the car park is full, yet the park is empty.’

    if that’s the reason i’m against it,because unless the parking charges are dearer than planned and those carpark surrounding it, it won’t make a blind bit of difference to those few park visitors who can’t get a space after 10. what’s to deter the same workers from local businesses and shoppers from still using it. If the price isn’t dearer? especially with the add bonus of having an attendant looking after their car.

    if only 9% of people parking use the park in the day,maybe they should be asking do they need that amount of parking in the day? unless of course the new pay and display’s sole purpose is to replace revenue from the austerity cuts, and then raises a lot of other questions and reservations.

    such as If the fund’s are to replace cut’s. how much money is 50 parking spaces projected to raise in profit a year for the park?
    if the profit’s are also paying for the improvements’ and running, how long until the actual park see’s any profit from it?
    will this be the parks only money off the council from here on in?
    how much is the continued running and maintaining of the carpark projected to cost?

  6. Council scam. How long do most people stay at the park 1 or 2 hours at most probs so if it’s to encourage park use why not just allow 1 or 2 hours parkin. Stick a camera up and fine them who overstay but keep parking free. Time this crap council were booted out round here wastin all our money.


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