Officers were called to a multi-storey car park in Longbridge on Saturday (1 June) after a concerned member of the public reported seeing a group of people with a gun.

It was quickly established that students from Starlight Theatre were innocently filming a fan-based short film based on characters from DCs comics for a drama course project and the gun was a water pistol.

**Edit: Having now seen some of the video, it is clear that, although some of the guns used were brightly coloured, at least one toy gun was black.

Once the drama group realised the armed response had been called, they ceased filming and placed the toy guns and their bags down ready to be searched.

CEO & Director of Starlight Theatre, Scott Cartwright said: “As the area was quiet, we didn’t believe that there would be an issue.”
The young actors would like to use this experience to raise awareness that “guns aren’t a joke. No matter whether they’re a toy or not, they can still land you in serious trouble if they’re mistaken for the real thing”.
A spokesperson of West Midlands said: “There was no threat to the public and the call was made with good intent.”

Adding: “We are happy for students to let us know if they are filming in public places where their actions could cause alarm to passers-by, via Live Chat at between 8am and midnight or call 101 anytime.”


  1. It did not look like a water pistol, no one was told this was happening and with all the gun crime going on the relevant people should of been told, the person who made the call done the right thing they didn’t know it was a toy gun or not esp when u got someone on there knees hands behind back and a gun pointing at there head what would you do, I’m proud of the person who made the call, people risk there lives to keep people safe their.

    • As i said, we are glad that someone came forward and the same mistake won’t e made again. Yes our scene was violent and we should have informed someone but as i said also, we did not have the information at hand but now we do so everyone can rest easier

  2. Oh and the green gun in pic is not the gun that was seen pointing at some one head it actually looked like a real gun u wouldn’t of been able to tell on camera

    • and the person who reported it was doing there job but if was told they wouldn’t of had armed police turn up and it wasn’t in the car park either, Bromsgrove standard wants to get story straight they have reported it too with false information and Making people look stupid

      • Hi Tina,

        The information on what happened is from a statement from West Midlands Police (which I believe is the same one that they issued to the Standard as well) and as their spokesperson says, the call was made with good intent.

        The person was absolutely right to call it in to the police – they would always want people to phone in any such concerns so they can be checked out. No-one is trying to ridicule anyone at all – it was a misunderstanding and quickly resolved.

        Having now seen the film, it is also evident that other guns as well as the one in the picture were used and at least one was black – we have edited that in.

        This will also let others know who might be planning similar film or photographic shoots that its okay to phone the police and forewarn them 👍🏻

    • Hi, i am the writer and C.E.O. of Scarlet Productions who were filming, it was a misunderstanding, yes we should have contacted someone but we had no idea where to go and as we were filming with a camera, plus the filming over ran so we were there longer, one of the guns was the one in the article but it was one of 5 including a bat for Harley. we sorted out the matter quickly, the reason they still came is once the call was made they had to come anyway, the police were calm and considerate and talked to us in a none violent or threatening way. we put the guns and requirement down as soon as we were told and we had a nice conversation with the armed response unit too. Now we know where to call and who to tell we shall, for future projects be asking permission. The person who reported it was well within their rights and i’m glad they did so we all can feel safe and know that another incident like this in the community will not happen again. As some of the cast were not from the area, including myself we weren’t aware of anyone to tell and wanted to be quick about it, we deeply apologise and learn from our careless mistake.

  3. On the plus side their acting must have been pretty decent and they did the right thing by putting everything down and waiting, when it was bought to their attention.

    • also,whats done is done,but if it’s been captured on CCTV they should put in an information request and pay the small admin fee for the footage,so it can be cut into their finished film project.

      would love to know what DC comic characters they were dressed up as though lol

      • I am the writer of the production, we are doing The Suicide Squad so we were dressed as Harley, Deadshot, Red Hood, Joker, Riddler and our own character agent luck. As soon as we were alerted we waited and the police knew what had happened but they couldnt be called back once people had came and found out what we were doing. If we had of known there was somewhere to ask or if there were contact numbers we would have asked but we did not have the info and apologised to the police personally and we were allowed to carry on filming.
        If you would like to see the movie we are on Youtube under SCARLET PRODUCTIONS THE SUICIDE SQUAD.


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