[VIDEO] Carer jailed after abuse of 101 year old Edgbaston woman caught on came


A carer has been jailed after her abuse of a 101 year old woman in her Edgbaston home was caught on a hidden camera.

The family of the elderly lady – who was bed bound and had dementia – became concerned about the standard of care she was receiving and placed hidden cameras around her home.

Shockingly, footage showed 36 year old Ashikiah Reid, from Erdington, mistreating the woman.

The video footage showed Reid using unnecessary force when cleaning the victim’s face with a flannel and repeatedly slapping her hands and arms. On other footage, the victim is heard crying out in pain as she is shoved and manhandled in her bed by Reid.

The footage also provided evidence that Reid attended to give care to the woman by herself, in spite of an agreed care plan stipulating that two care workers should look after the patient.


PC David Nash from the Public Protection Unit, said: “I am glad the woman responsible for inflicting unnecessary distress and pain on a defenceless woman has been put behind bars.

“A lot of trust is put into personal carers and this trust was shattered by Reid’s actions against this woman.

“I hope this can offer the victim’s family some closure, knowing that someone that showed no moral compass when caring for the elderly has been brought to justice.”

Pleading guilty to the charges, Reid was sentenced to prison for eight months at Birmingham Crown Court on Tuesday (18th June). 

Reid was also dismissed from her job and consequently struck off, meaning she will never be able to practise as a carer again.


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