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Velo Birmingham will see 17,000 cyclists riding a 100 mile or 42 mile route on closed roads – either competitively or for challenge or charity – this Sunday (12th May).

The shorter route takes riders from Birmingham City Centre to Coventry.

The full 100 mile route then continues on from Coventry, passing through Druid’s Heath, Walker’s Heath, Kings Norton, West Heath, Longbridge, Rednal, Rubery, passed the Hollymoor, Merritt’s Brook and Ley Hill areas of Northfield, around Bartley Green Reservoir to Woodgate, through Quinton and skirting Harborne on the final leg to the finish line on Belgrave Middleway in the city centre.

Get involved

Organisers anticipate around £2 million will be raised for core charities Alzheimer’s Society, Cure Leukaemia, NSPCC and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity, as well as many other charitable causes supported by individual riders and teams.

Race organisers are encouraging local residents to take to the streets and support the riders and the event. Gather your family and friends and find a good spot to cheer! (Fingers crossed for dry weather! ☀️)

Local riders and causes:

Here we will list some of the residents of South West Birmingham who are riding the Velo and their causes, with donation links where available.

Team Collie

Give them a MASSIVE cheer if you spot them! Get in touch to be added!

  • Team Collie: Graham, James and Chris Andrews, Dave Francis and Andy Hirons are riding the full 100 mile route in logo tops to raise funds for Border Collie Trust GB Donate
  • South & City College Birmingham’s Cure Leukaemia Team: Team members include college principal Mike Hopkins; Jaguar Land Rover executive Rob Kesterton; “Blind Dave” Heeley and his sporting partner Steve Dugmore; former World and multi National Cycle Speedway champion Jim Varnish; former Villa defender Steve Staunton; Olympic silver medalist Phil Brown; and SCCB staff including Leon Lewis, Tony O’Hare and Anthony Coleman. Donate
  • Emma Briggs: Emma from Bartley Green is cycling the 100 mile route to raise funds for conservation charity WWF. Once her sponsorship hits £250, her employers will DOUBLE her amount – can you help?! Donate
  • Symone Collicutt: Symone from Northfield is cycling the 100 mile Velo for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity. The charity supports the work of clinical staff by providing extra help for patients and staff. Donate
  • Team AA Oldbury’s jersey

    Laura-May Browne: Laura-May is joining 24 work colleagues from the AA in Oldbury, all raising money for the four main supported charities of the event – Alzheimer’s Society, Cure Leukaemia, NSPCC and QE Hospital Charity. Of the four, Laura-May has chosen to support the QE Hospital Charity Donate

Travel and transport

Organisers say: “Due to the scale and numbers participating in Vélo Birmingham & Midlands, it will be necessary to implement road closures across the full route to facilitate the safe passage of the participants. Please be aware that the road closures could impact local travel arrangements on Sunday 12th May 2019.

“The route has been carefully considered and selected through a partnership of all local authorities, emergency services and transport operators to minimise the inconvenience of the necessary road closures. Emergency Services will be operating as usual and the public should use normal protocol in the case of an emergency.”

If you need to be out an about this Sunday, Network West Midlands advise: 

  • Plan ahead: Check your journey now and check it again on the day as roads across the West Midlands will be closed and re-opened at different times throughout the day.
  • Allow more time for your journey: thousands of people will be taking part in the race and many more will line the streets to spectate, so roads and public transport will be busier than normal.
  • Leave the car at home: road closures will be in place throughout the day. If you do need to drive, think about where you will park to avoid road closures. 
  • Be patient and expect to queue: train stations along the route are likely to be very busy as people make their way around the West Midlands.

Route & Times

All households and businesses along the route should have received information flyers.

Road closures will begin from just after 4am in Birmingham City Centre for the start of the race. They affect the south west section of the route at various timings between around 7am and 7pm, so expect travel to be disrupted for most of the day.

The route and main crossing points and closure times can be seen on the map below.

Velo route, road closure times and crossings | Click to enlarge

For a more detailed interactive map showing which roads will be closed, visit the Velo Birmingham website.

Parked cars: If you live or work on the route, organisers are asking that all cars and vehicles are removed from the roads affected on Saturday (11th May) night. Any vehicles left on the route which are deemed to present a safety hazard may be towed.

Buses: Many bus routes are affected and may be cancelled or diverted during the road closure times. Changes to National Express West Midlands services are detailed on their website. You can use the Network West Midlands online Journey Planner to check services by date.

Trains: Normal Sunday service. however, services are expected to be busier than usual due to the volume of participants and spectators in the area. Plan your journey at 

Help available: If you need help, contact the Vélo Route Team by emailing in the lead up to the event. On the day of the event the hotline number 0121 396 1296 will also be in operation to offer assistance.

We hope you all manage to go about your normal business and are able to enjoy the day!

Wishing the best of luck to all the riders for a safe and enjoyable race!



  1. We do not need this on a Sunday it’s bad enough with all the bikes on the road in the week days. They are a danger on the roads . It’s time for them to hang up the lycra suits.

  2. We go out Sunday for dinner at various pubs. You get a lot of cycle riders there. One noted Solihull riding club drinking beer. How come they do not get breathalysed

    • They might be like you Mike just having shandy and continuing to ride another 60 miles without polluting the amoshere whereas drive home in your diesel car.
      Come on Mike live and let live

  3. How will grocery online delivery drivers go about what is effectively a normal working day in retail with delivering to a customers door. We are relying on customers common sense who live on the route not to have ordered groceries for Sunday delivery. Resulting in a local business, who by the way donate thousands of pounds to charity losing monies

  4. Well to be honest,I’ve never favoured the cyclist ,partly due to the fact that they require no insurance or mot to be our our roads.
    If motorbikes have it,then why can’t they.
    But on this occasion it will no doubt raise lots of money for countless charities.
    So fair play to anyone who takes part.
    Well done.

  5. Well all I can say is the best of luck to the cyclists when they come through the Quinton section. Its bad enough for cars with the state of the roads and their Grand Canyon like potholes.

  6. With all the horrible things going on in the world, let’s get out there and cheer the riders on. Okay, we will have travel disruption for the day, but hey ho, it really isn’t the end of the world.

  7. So you close roads and cause disruption to hundreds of people who have familys to go see… shopping to be done ready for the school/working week. And oh yeahhh people who actually have to work on sundays!!! When there are loads of places like sutton park that would be perfect to race and raise money without causing so many problems for so many people. Trying to do something good by causing problems for everyone else. Sounds like stupidity to me.

  8. Moan moan moan……whats wrong with people. Im not a cyclist but this is a fab event here in Birmingham! A brilliant way for people to get involved in a local event whilst raising tens of thousands of pounds for charities – that are helping people in Birmingham… and beyond.The city has not been shut down – you just need to replan your route today……. Get out and watch it…support them…take your children/grandchildren…etc..! See people challenging themselves, achieving something great and raising money for good never know….you may be inspired too xx

  9. This is a disgrace, pests taking up the roads when they pay no tax and insurance and are just a danger to road users.
    I had better be able to get home from Dorridge to Barnt Green !!!

  10. Beware, Longbridge Lane is coned off from Parkdale although shown as open as far as the traffic lights on the velo maps and this is not part of the cycling route. I checked with the organisers as it was my husband’s 60th birthday weekend and was assured that guests would be able to get to/from the M42 and our house via A38 and M5. Rather than having the main celebration this afternoon, we had it last night but guests had flown in and then hired cars, etc, to get to us and then found the road coned off in both direction. Apparently cars were driving up so the stewards decided to close it further down.

  11. Regarding todays bike race. Do you realise the people you are trying to help are suffering today as their carers are unable to get to them. My 93 year old mother has been told her carer is stuck in Frankley and doesn’t know what time he will reach her in Kings Norton today. She suffers with dementia has just been discharged from hospital. What a disgusting way to treat people in need. I am sure my mother is not the only one in this situation.

  12. Who’s bright idea was it to let loose 17000 nutters on the roads of south bham today.
    I now find myself trenched inside my house for the day,almost every road is blocked over my way.
    No doubt it’s some clueless Moran from the council.
    Ridiculous decision.

  13. What a miserable lot Brumies are how would you get on with a race like the Tour de France where riders do it for prestige?
    I have yet to hear of a cyclist running over and killing a pedestrian. I wonder how many of the moaners are complaining about global warming too. At least cyclists don’t do pollution.

  14. So, 3pm on Sunday afternoon, 4 exit roads in south west Birmingham blocked, total chaos with SUVs reversing over pavements and central reservations, and other dangerous driving. Whatever happened to the universal right of freedom of movement for residents: this is what the former Soviet Union was criticized for. We were unable to take our granddaughter out for her birthday treat.

    Given that at Northfield Ward meetings, we are told that nothing can be done because of austerity and there are no Council policies to deal with area decline, how is is that money is suddenly available to block off roads, put up signage, or arrange tow trucks to remove parked vehicles?

    Another policy masterstroke from Council leader Ian ‘Events’ Ward: has any Council leader ever been so out of touch?

  15. Would have liked these details 6months ago. Not just roads closed on the 12th. If you want to do this in future please involve people a lot earlier. If you had local people monitoring the roads may be there would have been less hostile reaction to it. Bikers getting lost some roads closed by mistake. It was a disaster the last time and this was even worse. Can’t you find 100 miles of country roads.


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