Quick thinking officer praised after pair jailed for machete attack on teen in Longbridge

Richardson (left) and Woodcock

Two teenagers jailed earlier this week for a machete attack on another teen in Longbridge 18 months ago have been named by West Midlands Police. 

And a West Midlands Police officer has been commended for his quick-thinking actions which swiftly led to their arrest following the incident.

The 16 year old victim, a local student, suffered deep slash wounds to his legs in Tessall Lane in the attack on the morning of Wednesday 13th September 2017.

He managed to make it to the JobCentre Plus at the junction of Bristol Road South for help.

A West Midlands Police officer from Birmingham’s Organised Crime Unit was inside the job centre, carrying out enquiries when he heard screaming outside.

He went out to to find a crowd of people gathered around the victim, who had collapsed due to significant blood loss from eight knife wounds.

The officer called in an armed unit patrolling nearby to carry out emergency fast aid.

He was then quickly able to track down CCTV footage showing the victim being marched across a car-park to a grassed area and the offenders returning moments later without him.

The machete found on Richardson

The officer direct response officers to search key locations in the local area and the two 16 year old suspects, Sadiki Richardson and Delayni Woodcock, were arrested in Longbridge. Richardson was stoll carrying the bloodstained machete used in the attack.

Both offenders are now 18 years old and while Richardson admitted wounding, Woodcock pleaded innocence but was found guilty after trial. Both were sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court on Monday (13th May). Richardson, from Kings Heath, was jailed for eight years four months while Woodcock, from Druids Heath, was sentenced to 10 years eight months.

Four teenagers were arrested in Longbridge town centre after the stabbing in Tessall Lane

The officer who facilitated the arrest received a commendation from the force.

Inspector Al Teague from the Birmingham Organised Crime Unit, said: “The judge praised the officer’s work on the day and said had it not been for his swift intervention the victim could have died and the offenders escaped.

“This was a vicious attack which we believed was as a result of an argument shortly before. The student suffered very serious slash wounds and there were fears his injuries could have been life threatening at the time.

“The officer knows the area well and through his line of work has a good understanding of where people with gang links operate. We soon had the suspects in custody and they have rightly been handed very long custodial sentences.

“These are young men who were just 16-years-old at the time. They will now be spending many years away from society and have seriously jeopardised their life prospects – it should act as a warning to anyone who thinks getting involved with gangs is an attractive proposition.”

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Michelle Woolgrove, said the young victim showed tremendous bravery in speaking out and that his testimony helped secure a conviction.

She added: “He has the physical scars for life but is also being helped to overcome the psychological impact of being involved in such a shocking incident.

“He is on a very long road to recovery but hearing the sentences passed on these two offenders is a great starting point. I wish him and his family my best wishes for the future.”


  1. Well done to the police officer, and the police in general in apprehending the two scumbags.

    Proof, if any was needed, how crucial the police are in these unruly times. More police are desperately needed, and if it means paying more council tax i really do not mind at all!

  2. i happen to no one of the actual first people to of got to the lad in question who was out side the job center, this police officer ( off dutie ) trying to claim fame with his account of what happend ,shame its not a real account though, whats an off sutie opfficer doing in the job center, didnt no police needed universal credit ??

  3. I happen to know that the police officer was doing their job, if it wasn’t for the quick thinking of people that day the young man could have died. The officer knew what to do and who to contact and the incident could have had a lot more casualties. The police try and do their jobs the best they can, crime is out of control. Comments like yours should stay in your head, I hope this kind of thing never happens to you or any one connected to you. Want to make jokes then??? I think not

  4. Stephen was correct,
    The first people to attend and give first aid were members of the job centre. One of the staff used her top ad a pillow to make the victim comfortable. It was only after the Ambulance arrived did the police attend. Praise should go to the job centre staff who went above and beyond and not a police officer going his job

  5. yes the quick thinking of the individuals not the police , again you dont no what happend even though you say you happen to no lol just saying that if police are going to give there acount they better make sure its the actual account and the individuals{the staff } get the spot light not the off dutie police man . more to the point how do you no that the police officer was doing his job? they new what to do, like no body in the job center is first aid trained and there are no phones and no one but the police no how to call an abulance lol get over your self please. didnt make a joke i made an observation thanks. and as far as carry out inquiries goes lol off dutie ? guess you missed that part

  6. The info in this article is from a press release from WMP commending the officer for facilitating the quick arrests.

    We are aware that members of the public and job centre staff gave first aid – at the time of the incident we commended them on social media.

    Once again, thank you to all who helped this lad in what was a shocking and frightening incident – having spoken to a family member of the victim, I know they are all very grateful. x


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