Historic Grade II listed former pub in Northfield put up for sale


A landmark Grade II listed former pub in Northfield has been put up for sale.

For sale sign at the former King George V pub | Photo Rob Meese

Interested parties will have to stump up £1.25 million to purchase the former King George V pub at the corner of Tessall Lane and Bristol Road South.

King George V Pub

The King George V public house was built un 1935 for Mitchell and Butlers, designed by John Burgess Surman in a Jacobean domestic revival style. Rendered in brick with ashlar plinths, mullion windows, gables and arched doorways, the public house was Grade II listed in 2001 due to its features.

As well as the building’s exterior, the interior still had some interesting original features at the time of listing, especially on the first floor. These include a timber queen-post roof with curved braces and mouldings, wall-panelling, a barrel-vaulted ceiling and original stone fireplaces – one even having a moulded plaster heraldic lion and dog above.

When listed, The King George V was described as: “a good example of a large Birmingham road house.”

The Emerald

After the turn of the millennium, with ‘The George’ no longer a pub, the building was used as as a popular Chinese restaurant, and is still referred to by many as “The Emerald”.

King Khan controversy

Most recently the building was the King Khan’s Indian restaurant, with the owner causing controversy in 2014 after failing to reach an agreement to continue to be home to the King George V Bowling club, which had been based at the site since it was opened in 1937. This affected the popularity of the restaurant and it rebranded as the Old King George Balti House in 2016. However, the building was out of use by the beginning of 2017.

Recent planning applications

For sale sign at the former King George V pub | Photo Rob Meese

Since the restaurant’s closure, owners have submitted three applications for change of use to a care home – all of which were withdrawn before being put before planning committee.

In February this year, submitted plans for a KFC drive thru restaurant were also withdrawn after a KFC outlet opened nearby in Longbridge town centre at the beginning of January.

For sale

The 1.17 acre (4,743 sq m) site and buildings is listed freehold for £1.25 million.

Interested parties can find out more and arrange to view by visiting the AMT Commercial website.


  1. Will be brought by property developers then Will be “burnt down” like the rest of the historic pubs in the area and turned in to old people’s home like every where eles.

  2. Be very quick otherwise don’t be surprised if a fire mysteriously burns the place down, and police deduce another arson attack similar to the one just up the road at The Cock Inn pub in Frankley, and North Worcestershire golf club house.

    Both of them burnt down due to “difficulties” for developers getting appropriate planning permissions after exhausting all legal avenues – allegedly!

  3. Agreed, mysterious self-ignition is quite likely to strike once again. Maybe it is all linked to the recent climate change and rises in temperature to dangerous levels … who can tell? Probably only the interested developing parties.

  4. So true. If it’s an arson arrack the law should put the blame for it at the developers and make them put it back to how it was as they are responsible to Maintaining and securing it when it it not in use. Our country it too soft on these developers who probably pay someone or put the idea in some ones head to do it!!!

  5. What we really need in the area is a hydro therapy centre. Royal Ortho has a hydro pool, but it’s by appointment only and it’s always fully booked they just don’t have enough capacity. I’m sure there’s many people in the area elderly , young , disabled or even people with injury could really benefit from it. Why doesn’t someone put these types of buildings to better use for the benefit of people’s health and wellbeing.

  6. It’s at epidemic level, add to that list the Royalty, Yew Croft Medical Centre and Kings Arms in Harborne….. You’d think the police could put two and two together

  7. You can put your life savings on the place going up in flames faulty wiring this
    building is
    perfect for a community centre for all

  8. It will no-doubt be conveniently be burnt down, As Sammy said in above message about the police, but this time they will Blame Brexit. and say our investigations are ongoing,

  9. We the locals has to find away to buy it is a perfect Community Centre before it is burnt down let’s try talking to our local MP

  10. What about a family restaurant as if it does go up in flames we definitely should have a full inquiry as that’s how they got hold of north Worcester golf club and the cock pub I can’t keep being cover up surely


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