Firefighters saved a pair of endangered spider monkeys from a fire in their enclosure at a Birmingham conservation park late last night (Thursday 23rd May).

West Midlands Fire Service crews from Bournbrook and Aston were called to the fire at Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park in Pershore Road, next to Cannon Hill Park. The two Colombian Black Spider Monkeys, Rosie and Gucci, were saved, thanks to their assertive fire-fighting efforts.

Colombian Black Spider Monkeys are Critically Endangered in the wild, mainly due to a loss of habitat through deforestation in Central America. Several hundred survive in zoos and conservation parks around the world.

Once the fire was out, crews remained at the park to assist staff to secure the damaged enclosure and investigate the cause.

In a statement on their Facebook page this morning, park staff said: “Some of you may have heard the news already but we had a severe fire that has destroyed our spider monkey exhibit. Luckily both Rosie and Gucci are fine. Huge thank you to the Fire Service and Police and staff who were on site immediately and dealt with the issue.”

The park will be CLOSED to the public today. Updates can be found on the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park Facebook page.


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