West Mercia community police urge parents/carers to reassure their children that Police are the good guys and will keep them safe, not something to fear.

PCSO Hyder from Alvechurch and Wythall safer neighbourhood team said: “Remember, please don’t tell your children that the police will ‘lock them up’ or ‘catch you if you are naughty’. We want children to come to us if they are scared, lost or in danger, not run away from us.

“Let your children know we are the good guys and will protect them. Reassure them that the police will keep them safe.

“Tell your children that if they are in trouble, lost or scared, the police can help. We are trying to reinforce the message that the police are here to catch the baddies and to protect you. Please don’t be scared of us. If you see us in the street give us a wave.”


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