[VIDEO] Community preserve memories in Cofton Village Hall time capsule


It's been lovely to see so many people getting involved and contributing to the Cofton village hall time capsule. Drawings, vintage car posters, maps, business leaflets and so much more have been added, ready to be dug up by future generations in 50 years' time. ⏰🗝️ #Longbridge

Posted by Longbridge Life on Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Following an appeal for contributions, locals have come together to fill a time capsule which was buried at the site of the new Cofton Village Hall last Thursday (16th May).

Contributions to the capsule were made by many, including The Cofton Village Hall Trust, Lickey Primary School, Pride of Longbridge and Cofton Hackett Brownies. Residents of the new development in Longbridge and Cofton with family history linking to the renowned former Austin and MG Rover car plant also contributed.


The contents of the capsule include drawings by schoolchildren, nostalgic posters featuring cars manufactured from the Longbridge plant in its Austin heyday, leaflets from local businesses, photographs of the area and the Area Action Plan, which is the original document detailing St. Modwen’s plans to regenerate the area.

Children from Lickey Primary School with village hall trustees Kath Stanczyszyn & Rev Sheri Gidney; and St Modwen’s Chris Newsome

Building community

The Rev Sheri Gidney, a local resident and chair of trustees of Cofton Village Hall Trust, said: “Longbridge has undergone a huge transformation in the last 13 years with new homes, shops, restaurants and offices created in the area. We wanted to take a moment to pause and appreciate the great progress that has been made. The completion of the new village hall in Cofton Hackett this summer will be a huge milestone, helping us strengthen an already strong community bond.”

Chris Newsome, Development Director at St. Modwen, added: “Longbridge and Cofton Hackett are very special places and the residents and businesses have been incredibly supportive as the areas have undergone significant change. We’re pleased to be delivering initiatives that boost the sense of community and will continue to work closely with all parties as we move into the next phase of development in Longbridge.”


As the construction of the village hall nears completion, The Cofton Village Hall Trust is raising money to make it ready for public use. St. Modwen has paid for the building and fittings, but funds for contents and start-up costs must be raised locally.

At least £40,000 is needed and the trustees are working hard to secure grants, as well as organising community fundraising activities. The Trust has recently secured a grant of £10,000 grant from the Big Lottery’s Awards For All scheme and is asking for donations to help make the hall fully functional.

For more information visit www.coftonvillagehall.org, donate directly at www.gofundme.com/CoftonVillageHall or get in touch with The Trust’s secretary, Shelagh O’Loughlin, on 0121 447 745.

Cofton Village Hall time capsule: (L-R) Claire Fryer, Chris Newsome & Rev Sheri Gidney


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