A dog walker suffered a knife injury as a man attempted to steal her dog in West Heath in the early hours if this morning (Saturday 20th April).

The 34 year old woman was walking her dog in the Fairfax Road area, just before 2am, when she was approached by a man who tried to take her pet.

The woman managed to keep hold of her dog but was injured during the incident. She managed to get home and call an ambulance.

A West Midlands Police spokeswoman confirmed they were investigating after being called by West Midlands Ambulance Service colleagues who attended the woman for a cut on the knee with a knife.

The spokeswoman said: “Fortunately the injuries are not thought to be serious.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact West Midlands Police on Live Chat at www.west-midlands.police.uk (8am – midnight) or to call 101 any time. Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or visit www.crimestoppers-uk.org Please quote crime reference 20BW/94539B/19


    • That was my gut reaction as well,but i feel really uncomfortable blaming the victim. much in the same way it’d wrong for people who say women who’ve been assaulted or raped were asking for trouble by wearing a short skirt.or what is deemed ‘provocatively’ dressed .

      surely he only actions we should be questioning is the scumbag out at 2am with a knife.

  1. People should be able to walk a dog in West Heath safely at 2AM or 2PM or any other time they choose. A while ago I did the same thing walking the dog of my relative who had been admitted to hospital at 1AM from her home to mine.

  2. In a perfect world then yes, anyone should able to walk their dog at 2 or 3 in the morning. But alas this is far from being such a place, and as such a certain amount of caution and realistic common sense is required – and regrettably walking around at night in certain areas of the city is not a particularly good idea!

  3. what type of realistic common sense are you applying zola? gut instinct?i’m sure the woman is torturing herself enough with the same thoughts as it is.But given the odds of being a victim of this type of crime is already pretty low,statistically in our ward of 100,000 people with 2500+ reported crimes a year,wouldn’t you expect to be safer nearer to your home at 2AM from an opportunist thief with a knife, than earlier in the day? i could be wrong but i’d have thought we all had about the same or not better odds on being targeted by a burglar during the night whilst at home in bed than attacked by an opportunist thief whilst walking a dog. ..

    imo she’s more unlucky, than in anyway to blame.

  4. In the same realism that you would no longer leave your windows and doors open during daylight hours; in the same way that you wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) leave your valuables on display in your car; or even flash your mobile phone and similar items of value in the street during the day, primarily because the chances of being mugged, burgled or attacked during those times are falling quite dramatically.

    Therefore the police do warn people to use caution, common sense and safety-first at all times, day or night, empirical evidence or otherwise. No one wants to be a target, but regrettably the odds of being a victim of crime is very real

    • .
      Yes of course the odds of being a victim of crime is real,as the victim will attest too,i’ve not questioned it’s reality,the odds however are about the probability of it happening and our best way to help us calculate risk..

      Just as the odds of being in a motor accident,being run over or dropping down dead in the street are real, you don’t stop driving or going out in the street,you manage the risk and carry on life,as the chance’s are still relatively slim. We’re statistically more likely to be injured changing our underwear than being attacked by someone trying to steal our dog at 2am.

      I had the same gut instinct response and asked the same question as A.Giles. it was based on some primal evolutionary fear of the dark though,rather than any real increased risk.

      It’s also unfair on the victim as there are plenty of reasons why someone might need or prefer to walk their dog in the quiet early hours.like work commitments,having no garden,needing fresh air,phobia’s or just preferring the quiet stillness of the night…

      I also realised how irrational a response and question it was,when you consider,she could have left the house 5-10 minutes earlier or later without any incident at all,making the time of day immaterial, which is I know of very little comfort or use to the victim.

  5. My dog has late night walks at times,but not at 2am.i always carry a wooden rounders bat with me,(protection for my dog and myself)
    Would gladly use it on these dirty scum aswell.
    Just hope this poor woman and her dog are both ok now.

  6. A man stabbed and killed in leafy Harborne at 7:15 in the evening.

    Today it was announced knife crime in the city has risen to record levels, double that of incidents recorded in 2012/3.

    No one is particularly safe whatever the odds whether it be walking a dog at 2 in the morning, walking through Harborne of all places at 7:15 in the evening or sleeping in your bed with your BMW about to be taken from your drive through physical intimidation or otherwise.

    If nothing is done, these figures will keep on rising, the odds of being a victim will fall, and the fear of being the next victim will make people scared to even leave their homes, or more drastically leave the area completely – which is precisely what I did 4 months ago.


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