A software developer at Reynolds & Reynolds in Northfield is fundraising for local charity, Northfield Community Partnership. 

A special welcome to work for Paul this morning

Today (Friday, 5th April), Paul Hammersley is participating in National Walk to Work Day, leaving his Stourbridge home at 5am this morning and trekking 12 miles across fields and over the Clent Hills, to arrive at work at the Reynolds and Reynolds office in Northfield to start work on time at 9am.

In addition, Paul will also walk the return journey home after work rather than catching a lift with one of his colleagues.

Paul’s workmates also had a dress down day today to raise extra funds.

Walking to work has many benefits

Whether it’s reducing your carbon footprint or you just want to get some exercise into your day, change your daily routine, if only for one day and enjoy the fresh air with a slightly different mode of transport into the office – your feet.

Paul’s parking space at work today

Why not join in the fun and participate in National Walk to Work Day. Whether you chose to walk the whole way to work, get off the bus a few stops earlier or walk partially the way to work – it all helps. Walking is a fantastic way to keep active and maintain a healthy heart.

Northfield Community Partnership

Northfield Community Partnership is a charity which provides help and support to over 10,000 local people a year by offering a range of vital services that provide opportunities to build lives, as well as organising local events throughout the year, including:

  • Computer Training and Support;
  • Employment Support;
  • Welfare Support;
  • Food Bank Referral;
  • Creating an Email Address
  • Events such as Northfield Beach


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