A team of around 25 volunteers joined Birmingham City Council workers to clear an amazing amount of rubbish from Frankley Lane in the Bartley Green area yesterday (Thursday 18th April).

Volunteers from the Friends of Ley Hill Park were joined by members of the Friends of Senneleys Park and local residents of all ages.

The council arranged to close Frankley Lane for an hour and provided a truck and around 15 staff.

In the hour, volunteers and staff filled 85 sacks with hundreds of beer cans, fast food cups and packaging and other rubbish thrown onto verges. As well as general rubbish, flytipped items were collected, including: a fridge, 9 Christmas trees, a set of brake pads and a carpet.

Organiser Graham Andrews of the Friends of Ley Hill said: “Can I thank everyone who took part in the very successful litter pick of Frankley Lane. Thanks to the BCC waste team and all the local residents who turned out. You all did a great job in the warm spring sunshine. We filled a lorry with rubbish.”

Mr Andrews also thanked motorists for their patience while the road was closed.

And he issued a plea to all passing through our beautiful country lanes: “Take your litter home. Dispose of it thoughtfully.”

Well done to all involved – great community spirit! 

Images via Friends of Ley Hill Park and Friends of Senneleys Park


  1. Well done to all the people Involved in clearing up this mess.
    I can guarantee give it 2-3 weeks,and the scumbags will be back fly tipping again.
    I use this route everyday and it’s a fav spot for night tipping.
    They need to put up some surveillance cameras on the whole route of frankley lane.
    They need to catch these dirty pigs.
    Surely the local council can arrange cameras around here.

    Well done to all the good folk who helped out.your a credit.

  2. And 8 days later it’s full of fly tipping again.
    All household waste and black bags dumped everywhere,along with litter and empty metal food cans.
    What a waste of time for the poor people who cleaned up.
    Somethink needs to be done here quickly,because this is becoming a regular spot for flytipping.
    I love to catch these dirty scum.
    And one day I will.
    And photos will go straight to the old bill.


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