An alarming and disappointing amount of ‘rubbish’ was pulled from the water at Bartley Green Reservoir today (28th April), thanks to a group of caring Paddle Boarders who’d had enough.

The team of nine, who are all members of Bartley SUP, a stand up paddle boarding club, spent 90 minutes on the water collecting other peoples mess.

The local reservoir is part of the network that serves the city with drinking water. As well as attracting water sport enthusiasts, it’s also a popular location for wildlife seekers, photographers and keen walkers.

Organiser of today’s action, Katie, said: “We got fed up of paddling past all this rubbish, it is meant to be Birmingham’s drinking water after all! Our biggest catch was over 400 single use plastic bottles, it certainly makes you think!”

Fellow Paddle Boarder, Claire, added: “It’s crazy to see what people think is acceptable to throw into the reservoir – from 100s of bottles, to shoes, roadwork cordons and a brake disk from a car”

The importance of changing how large corporations, local businesses and consumers use single-use plastics and how to dispose of it, is becoming more and move evident on a daily basis.

With high profile warnings from trusted and respected celebrities like Sir David Attenborough – and campaigns by organisations such as Surfers Against Sewers, Friends Of The Earth, to name a few, the disregard by certain humans for this beautiful planet and it astonishingly wonderful inhabitants, must stop. 



  1. NoI regard for the environment once again.
    Its was only 2 weeks ago that an army of volunteers spent half a day litter picking frankley lane next to this.
    I don’t know what’s wrong with people.
    Some folk just do not give a shit.

    • …. and nothing will change that attitude now that they know there will be someone else willing to clear their mess up!

      Full respect and gratitude to the Paddle Boarder volunteers. But as for the litter bugs and fly tippers – well they have nothing but my utter contempt (not that they care about that either!)


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