Firefighters were called to a large fire in the clubhouse at a former golf course in Northfield this evening (Sunday 14th April). 

At just after 9.20pm, West Midlands Fire Service confirmed that six fire crews – including Woodgate Valley, Kings Norton & Billesley – were in attendance at a fire in the derelict building.

Housing development proposals turned down

After the club closed due to financial difficulties in 2016, developers Bloor Homes had an application to build 950 homes on the site turned down by Birmingham City Council in August 2017.

In September 2017, an arson attack destroyed much of the building.

Demolition already approved

Following the arson, the council approved demolition of the clubhouse in January 2018, but this has not yet been carried out.

Appeal decision delayed

Bloor Homes have submitted an appeal to the government’s Planning Inspectorate to overturn the council’s decision on their proposals for a housing development on the site, reducing the number of homes in the plan to 800.

Following a public enquiry, a decision on the appeal was originally expected from the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government James Brokenshire MP in March but no decision has yet been reached.


  1. The demolition stuff has started to arrive today. Pity they didn’t do it before instead of risking fire fighters lives and the lives of people who may be involved in accidents and accidental fires etc. I live close and watched as our amazing fire crews tackled the fire. They were brilliant


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