Birmingham City Council (BCC) is asking residents to put forward their views on controversial proposals to tackle dog fouling in public spaces. 

In a bid to clean up the parks and streets, BCC are aiming to clamp down on what is one of the city’s biggest complaints to be received from residents – dog mess.

Denim Jeans cowboy style disposable dog nappies

Pooches without pants in public places could land their owners a hefty fine if their four legged friend is not wearing ‘dog nappy pants’.

It’s believed that this move will encourage dog owners – and indeed dogs – to be more considerate to other citizens of Birmingham.

This controversial move would be a first in the UK, but not globally – in Japan, it’s not uncommon for dogs and cats to be seen donning a pair of pants – and not because of laws, but because they are much cleaner than everyone else.

What are the proposed measures?

• Canines in public places must wear ‘Dog Nappies’ at all times – failing to do so will result in an on the spot fine of £150 – you will also be liable to pay £500 if your dog has fouled.

• Failing to carry ‘poo bags’ will also result in a fixed penalty of £50

Pet pants are now widely available – both online and from popular pet superstores like Just at Pets for Homes.

And there’s something for everyone – from shaped disposable nappies to more environmentally friendly washables.

There are also many styles available for the more discerning, fashion-conscious furry friend and owner.

One local resident said the proposal was ‘absolutely absurd’. April Furst said: “My Chihuahua, Phillip, would be very self conscious if he was made to wear such hideous things.”

“About time!” said one relieved resident. Ken Plank Jr said: “Dog sh** is bloody disgusting. I used to enjoy a lovely stroll around Cofton Park (now Cackton Park), you know, stretch the old legs – but when you’re back home in front of the box and you suddenly get a waft of dog sh**e but you don’t have a dog, it’s time something was done.”

Have Your Say:

The consultation began today, Monday 1st April and will run until the end of the month

Fill out the consultation survey online

Cover image by Christopher Read on Flickr


  1. I’m glad that was a April fools but not at all funny as I think that’s cruel to put a nappy on a dog and not only that u will get the idiots who will leave the nappies on the floor instead of putting them in the bin, why should dogs suffer because of irresponsible pet owners, my dogs shit stinks but I still pick it up. If u can’t pick up after you’re dog don’t get one………end of


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