Those living with Autism, be it the person diagnosed or a member of the family that’s on the autism spectrum, often find daily life tasks to be more of challenge.

Even though autistic people do share certain difficulties, being autistic does affect them in different ways.

This week is Autism Awareness Week and a B31 Voices reader has shared an encounter she had yesterday in Frankley.

Anon:”Hi there! I had an experience today that I wouldn’t normally share but considering April is Autism Awareness month I thought it would be good to share some nice news about Frankley for a change!”

I’m a mother of two autistic children. My youngest is 4 and has outgrown his pushchair recently and I cannot afford to buy a special needs one so he is now walking much further distances than he can usually handle.”

Today my eldest son had a medical appointment so my youngest son had to walk the furthest distance he has ever managed before. Due to this he became very tired and distressed and ended up having a very loud, public, hour long meltdown. I was very stressed, as was my eldest son. And I became tearful mainly due to embarrassment. But I was so touched by 4 lovely people who at different times took the time and energy from their day to stop and offer us help and support. Especially an older couple who chatted with my eldest son while I attempted to calm my other son.”

Parents of autistic children often feel judged. As do I must days. But what would usually be a bad experience today ended up warming my heart. I am so greatful to the kind, thoughtful people who helped me today. Frankley gets a lot of bad reputation.”

But today showed me there are still so many good people around. One small act of kindness turned a bad day into a good one. X”

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