West Midlands Police’s Kings Norton Neighbourhood Team have issued advice to residents after FIVE homes in Kings Norton had their door locks snapped by thieves in the early hours of yesterday morning (Friday 1st March).

The team reported via WMNow that there were five attempted burglaries and one actual burglary in Rednal Road, Crabmill Close, Parlows End, Meer End, Shannon Road and Alderney Gardens.

Of the six properties affected, five had door locks snapped in an attempt to gain entry.

The alert reads: “Lock snapping is now a very common method used by offenders to gain entry into properties. We would urge you to check your home security in particular your cylinder lock.

“[…] left is a picture of what an Anti-Snap Euro-Cylinder Lock appears like, and on the right is an attacked ‘Standard Cylinder’ Lock. UPVC doors or doors with Euro Cylinders should have DHF TS007 3 Star or Sold Secure Diamond Standard Anti-Bump replacement cylinders fitted. Always consult a Master Locksmiths Association accredited locksmith if you are unsure. Badly fitted Euro Cylinders can compromise your security.”

For further advice, the alert recommends visiting www.securedbydesign.com

You can sign up for updates from your local police team on the WMNow website


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