Quinton man receives award for 35 years of community service


A Quinton man has received a Community Service Award from West Midlands Police for his voluntary work over the last 35 years.

As the Chair of Quinton Community Police Consultative Panel – just one of many community roles he has fulfilled over the years – Jim Nicholl provided a link between the community and West Midlands Police locally.

He is greatly respected and admired by both the police and the community for his hard work, after giving up hours of his time to support the force.

Jim was instrumental in securing sponsored police vehicles and bikes for the local team, he was also heavily involved in clearing up derelict areas of the community and became the voice of the community.

Last year, at the age of 81, Jim made the difficult decision to step down from his role as chair and in an award ceremony on Tuesday 12 March, Jim was presented with a Chief Constable’s Community Service Award.

Congratulations, Jim, well deserved. Thank you for your service to the community! :)


  1. I think he should be nominated for an Honour! A CBE or MBE at the very least.

    He is certainly more deserving than some of the numpty celebs, sportsmen, politicians and businesbods, who seem to think that doing their job warrants some kind of honour or knighthood.

    Mr Nicholl devoted 35 years of his life doing voluntary work above and beyond his normal job, as well as actually making a difference/benefit for the local community.

    • Sadly Jim hasn’t got an offshore bank account account,dodged paying his taxes or a Tory donor so has no chance of such an honour.


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