When a Druids Heath home was burgled last year (October), Joseph Smith was devastated to find jewellery, some of which belonged to his late wife, (who’d died eight years ago after 50 years of marriage), had been stolen.

The 77-year-old thought he would never see the items again – but last month he got a surprise phone call from police to say they had been found.

Just over a week later, nine-year-old Tamiia Laville was helping out in a police-led annual community clean-up off Brockworth Road, when she pulled a blue carrier bag from under a bush, thinking it was merely rubbish, but to her amazement, she found it full of jewellery.

She handed it to police and PCSO Nadeem Mahmood set about searching crime reports to find the owner, eventually tracing Mr Smith after a three month period

And last week, Mr Smith met up with the finder Tamiia to thank her in person for reuniting him with his treasured possessions.

PCSO Mahmood said: “Sometimes my job is so rewarding, and this was definitely one of those times!” 


  1. What a lovely honest gesture by Tamiia Laville! And it is so refreshing to hear some good news for a change, not least concerning a youngster helping an elderly gentleman – albeit indirectly.

    in this age of “me, me, me” and horrendous & vacuous celebrities craving ever more attention and money for doing next to nothing, I would rather read more reports like this any day of the week.

    Well done, Tamiia, you have my respect!

  2. Such a lovely ending to a sad situation thanks to this honest, thoughtful, lovely young lady. Its really refreshing to hear of good things happening these days. Well Done.


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