Local teen features in video with 49 others to raise Down’s Syndrome awareness


The Northfield teenager is one of 50 people with Down’s Syndrome who star in a video which sees them doing something they love and singing along to Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now.’

The beautifully positive #wouldntchangeathing footage has been created in preparation of World Down Syndrome Day (Thursday 21st March) – to raise awareness and to show that people with Down’s syndrome, babies to adults, have a lust for enjoying life just as much as anybody else.

None more so than the wonderfully fabulous Cerys from Northfield.

The 15 year old, who features in the opening clip, loves makeup, fashion and dancing to music by her favourite pop stars – including Louis Tomlinson, George Ezra and Little Mix.

A very proud Mother, said Cerys is the: “perfect teenager, always happy and positive, sees the best and brings out the best in everyone she meets.

We hear she also loves a good selfie too!.

The makers of the video would love the success achieved on World Down Syndrome Day 2018 – last years campaign clip was called 50 Mums | 50 Kids | 1 Extra Chromosome and it quickly became one of the most popular not-for-profit viral videos of all time.

A spokesperson Wouldn’t Change A Thing said: “We are trying to achieve a world where negative outdated perceptions of Down’s Syndrome are a thing of the past.

Our intent is to leave those who view our work feeling challenged and changed making them more willing to accept those with Down’s Syndrome and to consider them as valid members of society, as schoolmates, as work colleagues or as employees.”

We at B31 Voices love the new video,  with a fixed smile and uncontrollable toe tapping to the music – it’s an absolute privilege to watch 50 awesome people doing what people strive to do – enjoy life.

Cerys’s mother Menna added: “This video highlights these young people “having a good time, having a ball…” and they certainly #wouldntchangeathing so why should we?”



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