A Frankley school is set to become the third comprehensive to be accepted as part of the King Edward VI family of schools in Birmingham.

Balaam Wood School will be the ninth to become part of the King Edward VI Academy Trust Birmingham. The Academy Trust currently consists of eight schools: six selective grammar schools and two comprehensive academies.

With some due diligence processes still to complete, it is anticipated that King Edward VI Balaam Wood Academy will become part of the Trust in September 2019.

A spokeswoman for King Edward VI Academy Trust said: “We are delighted to announce that King Edward VI Academy Trust Birmingham has been designated as the appropriate sponsor for Balaam Wood School. Balaam Wood will remain a comprehensive school and keep their current admissions policy. The only visible change from the outset will be the name of the school […].

“As part of the Academy Trust there will be opportunities for staff and pupils to engage in activities. This will include joint approaches and sharing of expertise in Teaching and Learning, cultural experiences, trips and bespoke support for all pupils.”

Staff at Balaam Wood have already been working with counterparts at King Edward VI Five Ways School in Bartley Green.

Balaam Wood head teacher Damian McGarvey said: “Great news and a great achievement.  We have been liaising with King Edward Academy Trust for some time to ensure this outcome. 

“We are already working collaboratively on a number of fronts and are excited to see where this can take the experiences for our pupils, families and staff.”


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