On Sunday 24th March, three local dance schools from Birmingham will come together to raise money for Cancer Research in memory of a much loved local dancer.

The dance show will be performed at the Artrix Theatre in Bromsgrove at 5pm.

Yvonne and Oleg Teplitski have arranged for their dance school, Elite Academy of Dance and Gymnastics and two sister dance schools from the local area, Excels Dance Academy and Victoria’s School of Dance.

Yvonne Teplitski said: “After Louise passed we wanted to unite in dance with Kelly, Victoria and ourselves as a tribute to Louise, a former student and team member to the others.

“Cancer will hit 1 out of 2 people and with this understanding most people are going to be able to relate to losing or knowing someone fighting this battle.

“We are trying to raise money for a cause that can help research progress, cancer is a terrible, cruel illness and any steps forward are a positive direction to be moving.”

Louise Victoria Marcus was a kind, loving and passionate dancer who everyone aspired to be like as a person as well as a dancer.


It is also in memory and in support of all those whose lives have been taken prematurely and to those still fighting the battle of cancer.

Bethany Price, who danced and grew up with Louise, said: ” Louise inspired dancers whether they knew her closely or not. I can’t say I was ever close with her but I remember the captivating fire and passion that radiated from her every time she stepped out onto the stage.

“As a child, it is people like Louise who set your goal and give you something to aspire to, so to hear about her passing was terrible, especially when she will had so much to offer to this world.

“This show brings together three dance schools allowing us to do the one thing we all had in common with Louise, a love of performing and hopefully raise money to help the end the effects of Cancer.”

Victoria Price, Principle of Victoria’s school of Dance said: “Growing up as a dancer you spend more time with your dance friends than anyone else, they are the first people you turn to when you need something and the people that you celebrate with, they push you to your limits and are your best friends but also your biggest competitors.

“I had lot of duets with Louise and we had lots of laughs performing them. We shared the best times and celebrating Louise’s 21st in Turkey was definitely a highlight. Our girly holiday to Blackpool was as fab me and Louise actually laughed a few months back about this holiday.

“Our time dancing in Russia was also a memory that we will always treasure over the years as we all grow up everyone goes off and does their own thing but I think the whole team knows that we would always be there for each other as we have a bond than not many people can understand.

“My students are looking forward to the show and understand the reasons why we are participating, it’s lovely to see the 3 schools come together for such an amazing cause”

The dance schools unite in their show called ‘Hope’.

There will be a raffle to raise further money for Cancer Research UK with prizes ranging from alcohol to cinema and meal vouchers.

For tickets visit the Artrix Website for here.



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