Ever dreamt of lounging around in a wonderfully welcoming space of vibrant colours and comfy sofas – full of fabulous felines – whilst enjoying a ‘Holy Guacamole Panini’ and a ‘Cat’s Claw’ mocktail? Well you lucky people, your dreams are about to come true!

The uniquely awesome Kitty Café, who have already proved to be a great success in Nottingham and Leeds, are expected to open their 3rd location in the heart of Birmingham at Grand Central Station sometime in the middle of May.

What is Kitty Café?

Kitty Café is a fully functional restaurant/cafe like you’d hope to find on any major high street, however unlike those cafes (which we are sure are very nice too!), Kitty Café is also a re-homing and care facility for cats and kittens from a range of backgrounds.

They are completely cat-led, ensuring maximum wellbeing and allowing cats to do what they do best – be cats!

A spokes persons for Kitty Café said: “We have been embraced with open arms by the people of Nottingham and Leeds and hope the lovely people of Birmingham will do the same!

Majority of the 30 cats in Birmingham will be rescued and will be rehabilitated and re-homed, we complete all their veterinary requirements because no expense is spared on our puss cats!”

Not only are our cats spoilt but we also spoilt our customers too! Kitty Café is the ultimate location for relaxation, family time and an all-round good time with a difference!”

What’s on the Menu?

I know what you’re thinking, what about Hygiene? The food is prepared by their trained kitchen staff from the sealed glass kitchen where you can see your food being made, without risk of little paws getting involved.

The Kitty Café claims that their mission is to ‘make sure that every kitty, regardless of the situation, finds a loving home and has a long and healthy life!’, that sounds good too us.



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