A terminus for two bus routes is to be moved after a large number of complaints were made that parked buses were adding to traffic chaos on Longbridge Lane.

Other planned service changes will mean better connections to Selly Oak Retail Park, Bartley Green and Frankley.

Longbridge Lane: Service 45 & 47

Many locals raised concerns about number 45 and 47 buses pausing at the routes’ last stop by Sainsbury’s when new bus routes came into operation in July of last year.

Road users complained that buses parked at the stop, close to the junction with High Street and Devon Way, were adding to congestion as one lane was unusable as vehicles approached the traffic lights.

National Express West Midlands (NXWM) asked drivers to not use the stop as a terminus, instead using the stop on the opposite side of Longbridge Lane, outside The Factory Young People’s Centre.

However, a build up of buses at the location would often back up to the traffic lights, causing issues, especially at peak times.

Now, National Express WM have announced that, from Sunday 24th March, the routes will extend slightly to terminate at the stop on Bristol Road South, by Bournville College.

Journeys to Birmingham will continue to start opposite Bournville College on Longbridge Lane.

The change will not affect the timetables of these services.

Frankley – Service 61 & 63

The 61 route is to run between Holly Hill Road and Arden Road via New Street, Boleyn Road and Ormond Road in both directions. NXWM say this is: “to give quicker journeys to and from Northfield”.

Timetables for the 61 and 63 routes were altered while the Birmingham Cycle Revolution roadworks were ongoing. Now these works are complete, both routes have been revised.  View the new 61/63 timetable.

Selly Oak Retail Park – Service X20 & X21

Links to the new retail park at Selly Oak (Battery Park) will be improved, with the X20 (Birmingham to Cofton Hackett) and X21 (Birmingham to Woodcock Hill, Bartley Green) both now set to call at the Harborne lane / Gibbons Lane bus stop on both sides.

Timetables for these services will not be affected.

Bartley Green – Service 23 

The Number 23 route will be extended from Newman University via Cromwell Lane and Moors Lane, and will terminate at the junction of Genners Lane. Towards Birmingham this service will run along Genners Lane.

Subsequently the timetable for this service has been revised. View the new 23 timetable

Please note: All the above changes commence from Sunday 24th March 2019


  1. So much for the initial “customer consultation” with NXWM a year ago.

    Clearly they didn’t listen, or thought better of it; only to subsequently retract their badly thought out routes and give us what we wanted in the first place!

    It is one thing sitting in an office looking at Google Map and deciding what is best for passengers; quite another waiting for a bus in the cold light of day, stuck in traffic at an already badly designed junction.

  2. Why dont they extend both 45 & 47 routes up lickey road and terminate at the hare and hounds then they can turn round using the island by the generous George pub causing no congestion

  3. Should get the 98 back than the perfect 21 just for the elderly on leach heath lane only come one way y double decker never gets many on them

  4. It’s poor reporting to say it’s chaos! It’s perfectly organised, just slows down the traffic and is an inconvenience! If people used cars less and more public transport there would be less of an issue.

  5. Neil Alden makes an excellent suggestion about extending the 45 and 47 to Rednal via Lickey Road from the passengers’ point of view. Anyone wanting to travel to the Lickeys from the West Heath/Turves Green/Kings Norton areas would have their journey times greatly reduced by not having to change buses at Longbridge and then going on a long route round half of Rubery and Rednal on a bus service that runs only half-hourly. The older people who live on Lickey Road would have access to a convenient bus service again and there would be no troublesome congestion if the buses turned round at the island at the bottom of Rose Hill. A usable bus service for people to get to the amenities of the Lickey Hills is more important than ever now that the Council is to charge for car parking there.

  6. Nobody wants the x20 only people it’s any good for is if you live next to the bus stops couldn’t make it up dousnt stop at the woodlands hospital 300 yards from the qe on the wm app there is a stop on cliff Rock Road never stopped there although phoned six times and showed drivers the stop can’t get down Ashill edgewood Road and Ashill aren’t made for buses nobody wants it bring back the 98 and get rid of this rubbish

  7. The 45 and 47 terminating at Bristol Rd South will make that stop inaccessible for the X20, 63 and 144.
    A better solution needs to be thought of. As mentioned sending the 45 and 47 up to Rednal would be a good idea…
    Never mind the 98, the 62 needs to return, the 62 was a direct bus from Rednal to City Centre.
    As for the X20 – what a waste of time, hardly see any passengers on it south of Northfield, while the 63 is left to suffer.

    • To me personally, I thought that the 98 was a good route to use. For me, I don’t understand why they just didn’t make the 98, 99 and X64 platinum. They needed bigger buses.


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