A West Midlands transport firm – which runs vital services for people with restricted mobility, including school children – has gone into administration. 

A registered charity, Accessible Transport Group (ATG) provides services through two other sub-charities: Ring and Ride and ATG Contract Services, which includes igo buses.

Large employer

According to their website, ATG is: “the largest accessible transport provider in the United Kingdom employing over 900 staff and operating over 600 vehicles from 6 depots across the West Midlands.”

The group’s depot in South Birmingham is in Arden Road in Frankley. B31 Voices understands that staff have not been officially informed by employers.

Essential services

Ring and Ride is an essential service which provides thousands of door to door accessible minibus journeys to users with restricted mobility, including wheelchair users.

ATG Contract Services provides contracted services to local authorities and the health sector – this includes accessible transport with over 400 minibuses for school children with additional needs, serving 11 whole schools across the West Midlands, Victoria School in Northfield.

ATG Contracted Services also operates subsidised igo bus services across the West Midlands, as well as offering PCV driver training courses.

Changes to services

Administrators, Network West Midlands, Birmingham City Council and the West Midlands Combined Authority are working in partnership to try and maintain provision of the essential services ATG currently provide.

At the moment, we understand services are continuing as normal.

Some IGO bus routes have been allocated to other companies from Monday 25th March and others are expected to be taken over.

A spokesperson for NetworkWM said: “We are working with the Administrators and other operators to ensure the continued operation of the remaining tendered services including securing a new operators for these services. We will be working to achieve this without disruption to services.”

You can find details of the changes so far and an updated list on the Network West Midlands website.

Network West Midlands have confirmed that Ring and Ride services are operating as normal and users can contact them to book in the usual way. 

Northfield Cllr Olly Armstrong (Labour) said: “I am deeply concerned to hear this. We seek info on exactly who and what this impacts, and seek to support those it negatively effects however we can.”

Richard Burden MP (Lab, Northfield) said: “I was sorry to hear this news about ATG which has been an important part of public transport locally, through Igo buses and particularly to people with limited mobility, through Ring and Ride and contracted school transport.

“It is good to hear that Network West Midlands have confirmed that services will run as normal for the time being but it will also be important to secure those services for the long term.”


  1. Atg dont care about there staff. They pay peanuts 600 pound a month for 7 hours work a day dropping full bus of kids off treated like shit from the company and the schools. They give you a shitty bus that brake fails etc they just want you out dropping kids. Birmingham council should be ashamed of yourselfs how much your paying staff at Atg. Thats why half your staff leave after a few months and your constantly having to look for new staff.


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