Puppy sadly dies after getting stuck under ice in Halesowen park

Rogue's sister, Akira - safely reunited

A puppy was tragically killed after it became stuck under ice in a lake at Leasowes Park in Halesowen this morning (Friday 1st February).

Despite best efforts, ‘Rogue’, an 8 month old Thai Ridgeback, was sadly dead when firefighters managed to retrieve her from the water.

Her sister, Akira [pictured], was also lost as she ran from the distressing incident while rescue efforts were being made.

Thankfully, following an appeal by voluntary organisation K9 Search UK and a search of the park, Akira was found this evening and safely reunited.

Winter safety

Ice is just one of the hazards of walking your dog in winter. it is advised that dogs are kept on a lead near bodies of water. If your dog does fall in to cold water and is unreachable and unable to get back to you, please don’t be tempted to try and go in after – call 999 for assistance.

Here are some tips on safe walks during colder weather.

Top tips for winter walks from Dogs Trust UK
  • Keep your dog on a lead if it is snowing heavily.  Snow can be disorientating so they might easily become lost.
  • Make sure your dog is wearing a collar and an ID tag and is microchipped. It is important to ensure your microchipping database is up to date with your address and contact details. Find out how to update your dog’s details.
  • Make sure you wipe your dogs’ legs, feet and stomach when you come indoors after a snowy or wintry walk as the grit from the roads can irritate their feet. Lifting up a dog’s paws can make a dog feel vulnerable as they can’t easily avoid anything that might suddenly worry them. Using tasty treats to build a very positive and rewarding association whenever you touch and lift your dog’s paws will mean that they learn to cope with having their feet touched, lifted and wiped. If you get the training bug you could even teach your dog to wipe their own paws by running over a towel!
  • Never leave your dog in a car during extreme weather, hot or cold.
  • Do not let your dog walk on frozen ponds – the ice may not be thick enough to take their weight. If your dog does fall through the ice never be tempted to go in after him. If possible encourage him to swim back to you and call the emergency services.
  • Antifreeze is highly poisonous but tasty to dogs. Keep it well out of their reach and mop up any spills!
  • Safety first – think about your own footwear when you’re going out with your dog in winter, and make sure you are as visible as your dog. High-visibility clothing is just as important for owners as it is for dogs so everyone is safe.
  • If it’s extra cold it can be very difficult to do up lead clips and attach them to collars and harnesses. Wet weather may also make metal clips rust. Regularly check that your dog’s leads, collars, and harnesses are all functioning safely and not at risk of wear and tear damage during winter weather.
Visit the Dogs Trust website for more information


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