A new discount supermarket and associated changes to a major route have been approved by Birmingham City Council this morning (Thursday 28th February).

In 2015, outline planning permission was granted for a supermarket to the west of Ark Rose Primary Academy as part of a regeneration plan which will see over 1000 new homes built on the Pool Farm and Primrose Hill estates.

And today, permission has been granted for an Aldi store on Redditch Road, on the edge of the planned Primrose Hill redevelopment.

The store would be set back from Redditch Road, with onsite parking and landscaping

The store will be set back from the existing Redditch Road, with 122 parking spaces for shoppers.

Around 40 new jobs will be created for local people in store, as well as additional employment during construction, and supply chain opportunities.

During planning consultation, Birmingham City Council received over 8- letters of support for the store, with just 2 letters of objection being submitted.

The committee also approved a new junction and widening of Redditch Road to accommodate traffic changes resulting from the store and housing development.

From planning report: click to view

Some objections were raised by a representative of residents of Grange Hill Road opposite, concerned about the level of traffic increase there may be in their residential street.

Planning officers said that a condition of approval for the highway changes would be a full road safety assessment after it implementation, with Aldi to foot the bill of any safety measures were deemed necessary going forward.


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