The Clown Gathering UK (CGUK) is when some of the world’s best Clowns errr gather together for a week of workshops and lectures on clowning for clowns – and this year the red nose honkers chose Birmingham!

Self described as “an eclectic mix of variety entertainment” – these fun loving entertainers are sure to put a smile on even the most grumpiest face! (not mentioning any names, but they know who they are!!)

These fabulously fun humans have come from countries such as Canada, Ireland, Scotland and England, unfortunately the biggest American clown is unable to attend – he’s busy in the White House!

But who needs him when you have such talent as the amazing local BibbledyBob to throw custard pies at!!

Andy the Clown: “Wednesday evening from 7pm we are opening the doors at the Austin Sports and social club [Longbridge]. It’s £1 to get in and take part/enjoy the show. It’s a barrel load of fun, with a very attractively priced bar.

So we are inviting everyone to come along for a giggle and a laugh, and to meet some of the UKs finest.”

For more information please see here.


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