Local residents angrily grilled the West Midlands PCC at a meeting on crime in Frankley and Great Park on Friday (18th January).

The Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson was invited by host Richard Burden MP to discuss local community safety issues, as well as to hear views on the West Midlands Police Budget.

Sgt Chris Thomas and PC Paul Perry from West Midlands Police’s Longbridge Neighbourhood Team were also present to address resident’s concerns.

Below are a selection of tweets made during and after the meeting. 

Anyone who is interested in becoming involved in positive action in crime prevention in the Frankley Great Park ward is encouraged to attend Longbridge Neighbourhood Watch and Police Tasking meetings.

You can contact Longbridge Neighbourhood Watch through Facebook or Twitter

To contact Longbridge Neighbourhood Police team, email longbridge@West-midlands.pnn.police.uk



  1. I don’t understand the priorities of central government during these austere times.

    What is more important: spending £56bn on HS2, or spending a similar amount on public services that will benefit millions across all classes and communities?

    I don’t doubt HS2 has many benefits, mostly economic, but then again why not spend some of that cash on improving local infrastructure, that again could benefit the city residents as a whole?

    Police are now being told to stomp on online hate crime – all very worthy, but again what is more important in the here and now – calling someone a bad name, or preventing someone being stabbed, raped or car-jacked in the street?

    Our emergency services are under pressure, and have been for years, and now the cracks are beginning to show and it won’t be long before it collapses unless government changes its priorities.

  2. How many response officers are there now and how much larger is the area now than it was before? What were the comparative numbers 5 and 10 years ago?
    same question regarding 4 PCs & 4 PCSOs, how many were there?

    Do they think the area’s low stop and search count is to low,to high or just right?
    If the stop and search figures are correct and a true reflection.the person suggesting their prioritises were wrong might just be right,because to a lay person like myself,less than 20 a month seems pretty low considering the amount of crime in the area.
    They can’t afford more patrol officers in our neighbourhood,but how many turned up to a derelict private golf club? Isn’t trespass still a civil matter?
    Do travellers setting up in public parks get so many officers that quickly?
    why is taxpayers money being spent settling civil matters rather than actual crimes?
    i’m guessing it’s usually easier to get a positive result towards their government targets. ie more productive.

    the stuff about crime moved to “different space” and policing going on that we don’t see,IMHO is just flannel,to placate angry residents It means nowt and relies on belief rather than what our eye’s can see.. Are police wearing invisible suits or is the reason we can’t see them in our neighbourhood because they are no longer there?

    This isn’t a criticism of individual front line officers and staff but the Corporation they work for and sets the targets and culture.

  3. latest available crime figures for the December 2018
    Longbridge 252 reported crimes
    number of stop and search’s 8

    Northfield 216 reported crimes
    number of stop and search’s 0


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