HUGE thanks to New Frankley in Birmingham Parish Council who contacted us after one of Emma’s portfolios was FOUND in Arden Road! WE understand her works were still INTACT in their case and left by one of the commercial bins near the shop.

PLEASE keep an eye out – further portfolios and framed paintings are still missing.

Emma is so happy to have had at lease some of her beautiful work returned!

A local artist who now lives in Italy, was left devastated when the family’s Volkswagen T5 van was stolen from a drive on Watford Road, Cotteridge, in early hours of Christmas Eve.

The vehicle, which contained artwork by Emma Archer, a child’s car seat, child’s toys and personal documents, has now been located burnt out and completely stripped in the Northfield / Frankley area – there was no sign of the artwork.

The floral watercolour artwork was recently exhibited at Lightwoods House in Bearwood during December 2018.

Emma said: “I am still desperately searching for my artwork, all framed bubble wrapped, portfolios full of drawings and paintings, please can folks keep an eye out if in those areas as I believe it will all have been dumped somewhere along with our personal documents, medical documents.”

Adding: “My income and a years work completely lost on this, very difficult to start again even in the costs of replacing and buying new materials to work on. Please share. Still holding faith in humanity and goodness. Many thanks xxx”

Anyone with information is asked to contact 101/Live Chat on – Alternatively, contact @CrimestoppersWM anonymously on Quoting crime ref: 20bw299325x18


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