Pavement marking used as a warning to burglars in Selly Oak


West Midlands Police have been helping local residents to protect their homes from burglary with practical advice and DNA kits.

Operation Electron was set up to tackle burglary in Birmingham and officers in Selly Oak have been identifying roads where burglaries happen more frequently and visiting householders to give practical advice and support.

Officers have been ‘offering residents DNA property marking kits’ to help protect their valuables from burglars. The Kit from Selecta DNA, marks the property with a unique DNA formula that is inconspicuous and almost impossible to remove

PC Chris Thompson said: “We have been offering residents DNA property marking kits as a great way of helping to protect valuables, by acting as a powerful deterrent to would-be burglars. If burglars decide to go ahead and steal forensically marked property, it carries evidence that will link them back to the crime scene in a court of law.

“A message that the road is not a soft touch for burglars is spelt out loud and clear on the pavements, which we’ve been marking with a stencil and a chalk-type of spray paint.

“Every resident we’ve seen has been very positive and grateful for our assistance in making them feel safer.”

Landlord Lawrence Jacobey said: “I have a few properties that I rent out to students. At least now that I have a DNA kit, I can ensure the properties are marked and registered. This is really promising that police are taking an active approach to making residents feel secure.”

Funding for Op Electron was approved from local budgets and permission authorised by Birmingham City Council.


  1. Very good action and well done to all which involve in it. What can be done to have similar actions in Aston and not only. Police should support us and/or keep us informed about what can we do. In Aston at least one major incident per week happened but was nights when 6-7 cars were stolen in just few hours.


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