Men armed with a machete disturbed in residents garden


West Midland Police are investigating after three men armed with a machete were discovered in the garden of a residential property on Pamela Road, Northfield, just before 8pm on Monday (7th January).

The homeowners relatives returned to the bungalow with their dog and accessed the garden via the side passage, as the two women approached the back of the property they were confronted by the trio of intruders, one of which wash brandishing a machete.

Both ladies quickly retreated to the front of the property where the were followed by the men who had their faces covered.

It’s believed threats were made by the offenders before they casually walked away. The woman gave chase and the three ran to a near by car and quickly made off.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police via Live Chat at between 8am to midnight, call 101 anytime or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. Quote crime reference 20BW/5664R/19.


  1. Has anyone checked the cctv footage from the train station? I know they got into a car but I walked my dog slightly earlier in the evening and there were some hooded older lads running back to a car parked on Copse Close from the station. They may have cut through the station if scoping out the area for targets?

  2. Somebody please get these bastards off the streets before they cause anyone else any damage. We have the registration of the vehicle in question , I hope it is not a ringer and the police catch these low life scum. Whoever you are , I will find you .

    • Was it a black golf if it was police know about it and where they live they stole my mates motorcycle and the police have done nothing. Scum they are they from frankley beaches.

  3. Pieces of trash hope your all caught
    Why don’t you low life’s get a job rather than nicking of others
    Oh no.. get a job to much like hard work for you scumbags.

  4. Scary world we living in I’ve never known it to be this bad and you know what gets me its people in there teens as young as 13 and early 20’s that’s doing these crimes, it gets me that people say its been brought up by single parents thats done it sorry but that’s bull I brought my kids up on my own from day one and mine would never dream about doing anything like this mine as helped old people with shopping bags carried them home for them and helped a man who was sitting on street with no shoes on that my son was willing to give the man his trainers but they wouldn’t fit the man and also they have helped a drunk old man home opened the front door for him gave the old man his keys and made sure he was safe and shut the door behind them and told him to lock the door which the man did so my kids was teenagers at the time so where as it all gone wrong x


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