The talented Ballroom dancer Jamie Meah, from Northfield, has swapped the sequins and glamour to embark on an extraordinary time-travelling adventure.

Jamie (pictured front row, second left) attends Turves Green Boys School. The champion ballroom dancer has previously been seen on screen on shows such as Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two and Baby Ballroom.

The Northfield teen now features in a new TV series from the makers of the hit BBC2 program Back in Time for Tea and Back in Time for Dinner.

Back in Time for School sees a class of fifteen modern-day teenagers and three teachers experience school days of previous generations – from the Victorian era to the 1990s.

The 8 part series, which is presented by Sara Cox and social historian Polly Russell, follows the class living through the changing attitudes, dress codes and technologies of the nation’s classrooms over the decades.

They experience the lessons, sports, school trips and even school dinners of yesteryear, and decide which eras were ‘the best days of our lives.’

The what promises to be a fascinating insight on how ‘privileged to live in 2019’ students and teachers cope with the different generations of British schooling, airs tonight (Thursday 3rd January) at 8pm on BBC 2.


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