The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Edgbaston are urging people to ‘Choose Well’ before attending Accident and Emergency to help limit the strain on the service.

The ‘Choose Well’ campaign is a national NHS initiative which aim is to help people choose the best action to take/place to get treatment if they fall ill, lessoning the demand  on emergency services to help those most in need.

A spokesperson for QEH said: “We are currently dealing with an unprecedented demand on services throughout our hospitals.

We appreciate that people are choosing to attend our Emergency Departments (A&E) because of perceived long waits for doctors’ appointments. However, the large number of patients attending who could be appropriately seen at a GP surgery instead, is preventing us from dealing with our acute patients in a timely manner.”

We would urge anyone who does not require emergency treatment to ‘Choose Well’ and consider self care, pharmacists, calling 111 for advice or taking advantage of the extra out-of-hours GP appointments available throughout the winter months.”


Image West Midlands Ambulance Service


  1. However, the large number of patients attending who could be appropriately seen at a GP surgery


    • But if it’s not an ‘Accident’ or an ‘Emergency’ you really shouldn’t be attending especially for a general illness which in most cases can be self treated until a a g.p is available

    • But for people like me, who suffer with severe migraines to the point where I go blind for hours on end and is as sick as a dog to the point where I vomit blood…all because of a migraine! Should that not be seen as an emergency?

  2. If u ring 111 they often send you there when they don’t really need to even if you ringing for advice, my dad was on palliative care he often got sent to a&e by ringing 111 for advice even tho he had none resuscitation order and there was nothing they can do for him apart from keep him comfortable anyway but he was on red alert for 2 years, a doctor could of easily been sent out to check him over on many occasions instead of sending him to a&e by ambulance it was stressful for my dad he wasn’t a easy patient at the best of times especially year b4 he passed, he sadly passed away 20/9/2017, many of times I’ve been to a&e with my mom and brother over the years to they both got medical issues and yes they did need to go to a&e but I’ve seen people there and there looks nothing wrong with them apart from a cough, you got walk in center in selly oak for that till 8 or 9 pm go their instead

  3. I had a routine operation at the QE last Wednesday. Went home and on the night developed complications so made my way to A and E. To be met by over 100 people in the waiting area I was take through to triage and made to wait on a bed there as I couldn’t return to the waiting area as I needed to lye down
    The complaints of people coming through the doors was hiddiously funny
    A lad said he was playing with his friend and caught his thumb on his friends hand. It was very sore.
    A woman and her 7 family members was next. She was complaining of a cough and aching bones
    A drunk who was rude and swore to the staff
    A woman who hadn’t taken her medication for mental health
    A woman with a headache who the night before had been celebrating
    A man who was a builder with upset tummy. And couldn’t go to work Thursday

    These do not need A and E Half the patients arrived with there family’s which was between 2 and 8 relatives. All taking up chairs in the waiting room
    These chairs needed for patients not the relatives
    I was eventually seen 11 hours later by a doctor and catheterised and given pain relief

    My heart goes out to the staff at the QE. They was under pressure and worked like dogs

    It needs a system that says.
    You don’t need hospital care you can wait till your Gp. Opens or your local chemist opens.

  4. I’ve never waited longer than a day for an appointment with my doctor. Can’t understand where these perceived three week waits are coming from. I’ve taken someone to A&E twice last year, one was an accident which required stitches one was an emergency which required urgent treatment. While I was there I would say 90% of the people I was waiting with got sent home with no action. A complete waste of nurses and doctors time. One woman kept demanding of any nurse who walked past that they should get her a sandwich – more important things to do love! A little common sense would go a long way these days. We have a nation of cybercondriacs!


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