Birmingham City Council is asking residents and people who travel in Birmingham to take part in a survey, aimed at finding out what people think of the city’s buses – whether they use the services for don’t. 

Clean air

Birmingham City Council is currently working to create a clean air city, including the introduction of a Clean Air Zone from 2020. A key part of this work involves encouraging people to change their travel habits by switching from private cars to more sustainable forms of transport.

Reduction in bus use

However, while figures show good levels of satisfaction among bus users across the West Midlands, the total number of journeys being made by bus in the region is declining year on year. In particular, there has been a decrease in the number of bus trips into the city centre.

Bus travel experiences

The Birmingham Bus Survey seeks to better understand people’s experiences of bus travel and how it can be improved to encourage greater take-up, which in turn would help reduce air pollution and congestion on the city’s roads.

The survey, which closes on 1 March, can be accessed here.

Councillor Waseem Zaffar, Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment at Birmingham City Council, said: “Buses are absolutely vital here in Birmingham and across the West Midlands. However, bus usage across the region has been decreasing, particularly among those who have been travelling into the city centre.

“I want to know what could be done to encourage people to make more of their journeys by bus and to ensure the bus is seen as an attractive, accessible and affordable option for every citizen of Birmingham.

“To this end, I am launching the Birmingham Bus Survey and invite anyone who travels in Birmingham to respond, whether they currently use the bus, by choice or necessity, or haven’t caught a bus in years.

“In fact, if we are to get to the heart of why more people are not using the bus, it is essential that we hear from those very people who are NOT regular bus users.

“The responses will enable us to help improve reliability of bus services across Birmingham and campaign with transport providers here in our city for a more accessible, more affordable network of buses right across the city which caters for the needs of our citizens.”


  1. Bus services are terrible… I live in Bartley Green… The 18 bus, is always late… And since they changed the 22 to a X22 it doesn’t serve harboune… Plus they got rid of the X64 and replaced it with the X21… And it doesn’t serve half the route… And doesn’t come to Bartley Green…. Its disgusting that pensioner’s and people with disabilities have to get X22 and get of to get 23 to harboune. Yes I have a disability…. I wish they would live the bus services alone… Its bad enough with town…

    • Amanda Cartwright. I support every word you have just said. 2 buses just to go shopping, be it Harborne or Northfield. I have waited in the freezing weather at the 22x bus stop for half hour, after coming off the 23 from Harborne with trolley full of shopping, many times since the changeover. Whoever worked this system sitting at their desk, ought to come out and use our buses to see the massive problem they have created. Not only does it affect workers, schoolchildren, disabled, pensioners, I speak with the shop workers in Harborne, and their sales have plummeted. Also I have heard of workers giving themselves extra time to get to work and still being late, sadly some have lost jobs. When they contact West Midlands bus services, they are called liars, saying their buses have been on time. We need a bus from Kitwell Bartley Green straight into town.
      They said the changes would make using the new system quicker, far from it, now it’s an all day mission just to go shopping. Not everyone owns a car.

  2. My son got on a 35 after school it turned around he panicked press the button to get off as he got off he door crushed him the bus driver just laughed.i complained about it all I got was they will investigate but it’s all within there selfs so I wouldn’t even know results or out comes they apologised on behalf of driver ☹️ Always waiting for 35 after school doesn’t come when planned then there’s so many people getting on last Wednesday was waiting 40 mins in the end we got a lift it was snowing/not sticking we were freezing

  3. Bus service 45, 63 and x20 can be very infuriating. Never come ontime always making me late for work in which i have to rely on public transport. We pay 60 odd pounds for a buspass each month and it gets us rude drivers.. Mass amounts of traffic which i know isnt the drivers fault. Waited a good while for the x20 the other week which was 20mins late and usually a 63 inbetween but only 61 and x21 and x22 turned up.. Not happy

  4. Why don’t we use public transport – the inside of the buses are very often littered with the free papers, plastic bottles etc etc. The seats are not comfortable, too low, not clean and often or not they smell. People smoke illegal drugs upstairs, which stinks the bus out. Understandable with all the roadworks going on in and around town, delays buses, but they never seem to run to the timetable. Electronic timetable, next bus etc do not always work, so you can be standing around, then 2 or maybe 3 buses arrive altogether.
    To get from West Heath to Moseley is 3 buses, 47 runs fairly good, number 11 can wait for upto 30 mins to Kings Heath, 35 and 50 run very frequent and is the easier part of the journey.
    When we go into town, we let the train take the strain.

  5. Since the number 49 Northfield/Solihull route has changed and not serving Coombes lane I either have to walk to Longbridge lane or catch two buses at 6 o’clock in the morning it’s also cut us all off from Northfield and rubery most times I end up catching a taxi I do pay monthly for my bus pass of which I’m close to cancelling


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