Several local residents have had Christmas decorations outside their homes cruelly destroyed by vandals.

During the Christmas period, many people love to spread a little joy and happiness to neighbours and passerby’s by decorating the outside of their homes to celebrate the occasion – these festive fun lovers often spend hundreds of pounds in doing so.

So you can only imagine how demoralised they felt to find all their decorations destroyed.

The super sized Santa, which has been causing quite a lot of excitement to local children (and adults!), was purposely stabbed and slashed several times in the foot.

The jolly 6 meter tall inflatable, which stood proudly outside the three story property on the Balaam Wood estate, suffered several tears which hopefully will be repairable.

When asked why the owner spent £150 on the enormous inflatable, Rachel simply replied: “you can’t put a price on a child’s smile”

Where else have decorations been destroyed?

Rob: “Sorry Bournville but our garden display this year has been smashed up by 3 lads on bikes for the second night on the run, I replaced some of the lights today but they returned and finished the job they started last night , feel so sorry for the little girl who stopped to talk to the reindeers tonight and said she would come and see them tomorrow on her way to school it’s heartbreaking” (£525 worth of damage over 2 nights)

Bethanny: “Just want to warn people in the B30 area to keep an eye on outside Christmas lights/decorations. I’ve just come across 5-6 lads on bikes trying to steal lights etc one had a wreath on his head and another lights round his neck. My brother also had his lights pulled down and thrown across the neighbours drive. 😠

Anna:My dad had some Christmas 🎄🎅🔔 lights stolen from outside his house . Barnes Hill around half 8 . They was on bikes as my dad is disabled but still chashed them up barnes Hill . my dad is very up set about this as one off the lights a Santa 🎅 was 20+ yrs it had a list in its hands and my dad had wrote all the grandkids and great grandkids names on it . My dad is very upset.”

Anon: “twice at the same address on Shenleyfields Road, by the duck pond” (Selly Oak)

Jo‎: “Last night [29th Nov] at 9.20pm 2 young girls 12/13 smashed our Christmas lights outside our house on Woodbrooke Road. As they was attached though the windows they pulled with such force they pulled the plugs off! Nearly smashing our windows. They also broke the reindeers head. It caused a huge bang! They was left in a heap on our grass! I managed to open the door as they ran off, the one girl was small with blonde hair!

I have 3 boys with Autism in the house, which caused so much up set & no sleep fearing they would come back and take them. It isn’t about the lights as such as they can be replaced. But their actions caused so much more than what they would class as a bit of fun!”

We are now heading to night time again & my boys are panicking again, asking me to check the windows & see if they are out there.”

Please look out, they are very giggly girls! And I hope they are super proud of themselves the stress they have caused!”

Penny: “I had my door reef and 2 beside the door, Christmas trees with lights robbed. Try to make your outside Christmasy for your self and children and people think they have a right to touch stuff that don’t belong to them – I haven’t even payed for them yet, I feel so disappointed that people think they have a right to upset people in this way.” (Northfield)

If you have had your decorations stolen or destroyed, or have any information, please report it to the police on 101/Live Chat on


  1. We all know these days that unless it’s a ‘hate crime’, plod will do nothing, and as christmas is a christian celebration, we’re all fair game.

  2. Absoloutely disgusting obviously these kids couldnt give a toss how would they like it if it was done to their housè or a family members house..
    They are obviously that jealous of other peoples things that if they dont have any of them then nobody else can have them…
    These kids are pathetic little scumbags and i hope you get caught and get whats coming to you…
    Hope your proud of yourselves cuz to me your the lowest of the low

  3. The problem is these kids are under 18 and their names will never be published when they’re arrested and end up in front of the magistrates. So they do things with impunity, knowing that no one will know what crimes they have committed.


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