Barclays Bank branches in Northfield and Rubery high streets have closed today (Friday 7th December) with a new Longbridge branch set to open on Monday (10th December). 

In a letter to customers announcing the changes in September, Barclays said: “The new Longbridge branch will provide our latest banking technology to make your everyday banking quicker and easier. It will have a fresh, modern feel with better disability access, improved meeting rooms and at least one cash machine available 24 hours a day.”

With new technology and provision meaning people are choosing to access their banking in other ways, in their explanation for the move Barclays say the number of customers who bank exclusively over the counter is just 208 in Northfield and 167 in Rubery.

However, many are disappointed to be losing their local branch. One unhappy customer told B31 Voices that he would be closing his accounts with Barclays as he chooses not to use Longbridge town centre.

Barclays are providing support for customers who need help with alternative ways of banking.

Staff at the Rubery and Northfield branches – or any Barclays branch – can provide advice  on alternative ways to carry out everyday banking.

The bank also provide free “Tea & Teach” sessions, along with other help on improving your digital skills. Visit Barclays Digital Eagles pages


  1. I suppose this makes economic sense from the banks’ point of view, but will be an extra hassle for those customers who don’t have access to online banking, don’t have a car and will now have to battle their way into the unappealing sprawl that New Longbridge is turning into, not helped by hellish traffic congestion

  2. Can’t please everyone I suppose but that’s a way of life, I only live 5 min down the road so it benefits me as I’m a Barclay’s customer, do the people of Northfield and rubery even know that if you bank with Barclay’s and you want to deposit cash into your bank account you can actually do it at the post office just tell them how much you want to deposit put your card into the card reader punch in your pin number and the money will go in your account straight away


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