A 16 year old lad from Frankley who is suspected so a number of burglaries and related car thefts, has been arrested. 


Officers patrolling in Frankley yesterday (Wednesday 12th December) spotted the suspect in a Vauxhall Corsa in Ormond Road. They pulled over the car in Old Stone Close, and the boy ran off.

However, the teenager was caught after a brief foot chase.

Car keys recovered

Officers discovered a ‘man-bag’ which had been thrown into a nearby garden. The bag contained several BMW and Audi keys, including one believed to be for a 66 plate Audi A4 which was stolen in Redditch on Tuesday.


A West Midlands Police spokesman confirmed that the 16-year-old is on court bail for similar offences. He has been transferred to West Mercia Police for questioning in regard to several offences.

West Mercia Police have been contacted for comment.

Local car thieves bragging on social media

(L) Picture posted on instagram showing off a new pair of mole grips (used to snap house locks) | (R) Screenshot from a video posted showing a high performance VW being driven at speed, the occupants wearing gloves and face coverings

Car thieves operating in the South Birmingham area have been bragging about their deeds on social media.

Videos and photographs posted on social networks, particularly Instagram, appear to show youths with their faces covered breaking into properties, demonstrating lock-snapping, driving high end cars like Audis and BMWs and, in one video, brandishing a large knife.


  1. I wish you wouldn’t refer to these scumbags as “lads”, as that is very unfair on genuine, law-abiding lads.

    And I do so hope these joy-riding cretins crash their stolen cars into a brick wall and die a horrible death! Clearly they have little care for the lives of others when they’re booting it down various A & B roads at excessive speeds, so we shouldn’t care much about their useless lives either.

    Yet the ironic thing is when this happens friends and family come out and say “He was a lovely boy; a bit of a tearaway, but he will be missed!”

    Oh dear, what a pity, never mind!

  2. The only problem with the law is that it is a complete ass, this piece of scum had probably caused so much stress and heartache to the people whose houses he has broken into and the cars he’s stolen. But never mind the do gooders will say oh dear he’s from a broken family and has issues, so what lock them up for a long time and make it hard not cushy like going to a holiday camp. Until the law comes down hard on this scum it will keep happening.

  3. Well done zola Thomas & fran
    Having being a victim of car theft myself I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said
    Each and everyone of these scumbags who break in to people’s homes and steal their belongings deserve everything that’s coming to them
    Absolute scum.

  4. I was the victim of a burglary a few years ago, mainly due to being unaware of the door locks being easy to break, so the method of entry is common knowledge.
    People make choices about their lifestyle, and if they fall between the cracks or feel desperate, crime may seem an easy option.
    A famous American criminologist advised that young criminals be sent to the furthest prison away from their home town, as a deterrent as they are unknown, and can become bait, so have to get their sentence out the way, whilst keeping their noses clean. The social club prison should be banished, no kettles in cells, access to books, no tv, Faraday cage cells, it’s called a prisoner reform institution.
    When the lads broke into my house, they did so to steel the keys to the cars, and managed to steel my Mercedes, the Police arrived, and my primary concern that there would not be a car chase. I did not want to see a young driver get pushed beyond their ability, crash and kill himself or a poor young mum like Sophie Case.

  5. A couple of lads manged to enter my car yesterday but took nothing or damaged the car. However I called police who turned up within 15 minutes. I just wish they had caught these low life’s as the police that turned up were armed response officers who had been local at the time, scared me so what they would have done to a criminal low life is beyond imagination.


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