On Monday 19th November, 16 pupils from Turves Green Girls’ School took part in a creative performance to bring the story of the women that worked in the pen trade in the 1900’s to the people of Birmingham.

The performance took place at the Birmingham Pen Museum and involved the pupils taking on the persona of one of the women involved in the story and re-enacting it through movement, drama and song.

The performance was a collaborative project between Turves Green Girls’ and Four Dwellings Schools and was run by Bostin Creative, a Community Interest Arts Organisation.  The project also involved the girls becoming pen pals with pupils from Four Dwellings, encouraging them to get a flavour of what life was like in the 1900’s by writing letters rather than using the social media methods they are all so used to today.

The pupils involved all gave fantastic performances and were praised by members of the community and the creative people involved alike.  We are very proud that our students did justice to such a fantastic and inspiring story- follow the link to see for yourselves!




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