A local councillor is supporting a campaign to ensure that Rubery keeps its library as Worcestershire County Council consults on the future of library services across the county.

Despite already cutting £3.7 million from Worcestershire’s library service budget over the last ten years, the council are looking to save a further £800,000.

A public consultation is underway and Worcestershire residents can leave their views online.

The consultation document reads: “The role of libraries in Worcestershire has been changing over the past 10 years, and this change will continue in response to new financial challenges, developments in technology and changing customer needs and expectations.”

The council proposes to prioritise funding for existing libraries in areas assessed to have the highest need, based on a number of factors including (e.g socioeconomic…..),

With Rubery identified as being one of the ten areas with least need for a library, campaigners are concerned that the village could find its library services reduced – potentially even seeing the library itself closed.

Cllr Peter McDonald (Labour, Rubery South) said: “Our library is the cornerstone of our community.  It is not just a library but more of a community centre where people meet, socialise and can access lifelong learning.

“Over the years we have lost our community centre, seen a massive cut in youth provision and the only focus point left for the general public is our library.”

Stressing the importance of Rubery having its own library, Cllr McDonald continued: “I use the library, my children use the library and my grandchildren. We have a responsibility to ensure future generations can do the same.

“We must fight tooth and nail to keep it.”

How you can help Save Rubery Library

If you live in Worcestershire, you can:

  • View the consultation and send in your views online until 2nd February 2018. View the consultation page
  • Join the rally outside Rubery Library, 7 Library Way, (off New Road) Rubery B45 9JS this Saturday 10th November 2018 at 11am
  • Sign the petition below – the petition has been circulated by Rubery Labour and is also available in many shops and businesses around the village (Please note: you do not need to sign the online petition if you already signed the paper one. You must be a Worcestershire resident.)




  1. With the change in the constituency boundary, Rubery Library will be inside the Northfield constituency. It is all very confusing, but won’t it be taken over by Birmingham Library Services?


    • Yes, the new boundaries will be even more confusing! Rubery will fall into the new Northfield parliamentary constituency but for local government purposes, it will remain under Worcestershire County and Bromsgrove District Councils, so the library will still fall under WCC’s remit

  2. So the people in this area will stay pay council tax to Bromsgrove and Worcestershire even though they will have a Birmingham councillor/MPs? Or will there be a councillor specific to this added on area who will be on Bromsgrove council?

  3. The current councillors positions for Rubery South and Rubery North will remain the same, with seats on Bromsgrove District Council (& Worcs County Council). The MP will represent Northfield constituency as it is, plus Rubery.


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