New network links professionals and community organisations to support over 50s


A new neighbourhood network scheme is being developed which will link citizens, professionals and organisations to community activities, networks and assets for older people and communities.

Northfield will have its own Scheme the Northfield Neighbourhood Network Scheme (NNNS). The project is a new and exciting scheme which aims to connect community assets to professionals and citizens who are living in the Northfield Constituency and / or working in social care and health, and the wider public services.

Mapping community support

As part of the development of Neighbourhood Network Schemes, Northfield Community Partnership has been mapping assets in the Northfield Constituency.

Rebecca Debenham, NCP CEO said: “Northfield is a rich and diverse community which has a wide range of organisations delivering activities, services, projects and groups for older people and communities

“The NNNS scheme aims to map these community assets through a centrally held database which can then be accessed by professionals and older people, family and friends who may be looking for activities and/ or services to connect to and get involved with..”

By better connecting community activities, services and networks to older people, we will be able to increase the social participation and reduce the loneliness of older people in Northfield and across the city.  This will also provide opportunities for older people and communities to learn new skills, stay active longer, be more informed about what’s on offer in their neighbourhood and be better supported to live independently in their own homes.

The scheme will make it easier and quicker for professionals to discover places, activities, services and opportunities for people that they are working with and supporting.

Mapping of community assets in the Northfield Constituency will continue until the end of January when the next stage of the scheme will be announced by Birmingham City Council. 

Join the scheme

If your organisation offers activities or support to older people across Northfield constituency (Northfield, Frankley, Kings Norton, Longbridge, Weoley Castle, West Heath), you can join the scheme and help shape it as it grows.

Rebecca said: “Your views are very important to us – shaping the scheme. The scheme is also a great way to promote the work that you do and meet your outcomes by attracting new participants to what you’re doing and have an offer for local people.”

To join the NNNS, please fill in the form below.

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Become a Northfield Neighbourhood Network Scheme Member

If you are a community group or organisation providing services for over 50s in Northfield Constituency, please fill in the form below:

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