Local charity purchases first holiday home for families coping with terminal illness


They’ve only gone and done it! 

After two years of constant hard work and fundraising. Tracey’s Dream has been realised with the Rednal based charity being handed the keys of its first holiday home for families coping with terminal illness.

Tracey & Stephen Pugh

The charity was set up by Stephen Pugh – with constant support from his son Curtis – after his wife, Tracey, sadly died of cancer in May 2016.

During their last months together, the loving family had dreamt of buying a caravan to allow terminally ill people and their families some time and space to make precious memories.

However, with the demands of Tracey’s illness, the idea was put on hold as the family spent every moment making their own lasting, loving memories.

After Tracey’s passing, Stephen and Curtis began fundraising, making Tracey’s Dream their mission.

With lots of support from the local community and local businesses, the dream has now finally been realised with the purchase of a caravan in Evesham – close enough that families can have a break but access their usual medical support and keep appointments if needed.

Stephen said: “I’m so proud, my heart is bursting with joy, love and happiness. There have been many times I wanted to give up and cried when down. Curtis or someone would come along and pick me back up.

“I want to thank everyone who has helped, donated, supported in any way. And a special thanks to Stewart, the caravan site manager, who has done so much to help us. I am so very proud of you all.”

The caravan park is open from March to October which will allow 40 families a year the chance to get away from it all and enjoy some time together.

It’s hoped that the 6 berth Tracey’s Caravan will be ready for families in the spring of 2019 – but it’s going to need some TLC! Starting with that fence and those slabs! So if you can offer materials, skills, donations or fundraising activities, please get in touch with Tracey’s Dream via their Facebook page or email Stephen on s.pugh.1@blueyonder.co.uk

The Tracey’s Dream journey is now on its next leg…!

Well done, Stephen and Curtis and all who have supported them!


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