#B31JustRead: #Armistice100 Kings Norton schoolgirl brings Albert Hall audience to tears with remembrance poem


On Friday we told you about Lucy Attrill, a 14 year old pupil of Kings Norton Girl’s School. 

After winning first prize in her category of the Royal British Legion poetry competition, Lucy was invited to recite her poem ‘Thank You’ at the Festival of Remembrance yesterday (Saturday 10th November).

While Lucy’s recital sadly didn’t make it on to our TV screens, her moving performance in front of Her Majesty The Queen and other members of the royal family at the Royal Albert Hall has received coverage in the national media.

The Mirror online wrote: “A century on from the end of a war renowned for its soldier poets, it was lines from a 14-year-old schoolgirl that moistened eyes at a Festival of Remembrance on Saturday.

“Standing before the Queen, Lucy Attrill summed up the mood of a nation with a poem as fitting as any to commemorate the sacrifice made for us in the trenches so long ago.”

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Thank You
Lucy Attrill

You grew up too fast,
Age twelve you were dumped in a factory,
When you should have been in class.
You missed out on education,
For the good of our world today,
Instead, you had to make weapons,
That’s a debt we can’t repay.

Thank you.
You left your life behind,
Your wife, your children, everything,
But your luck was not so kind.
If you hadn’t given your life in France,
If you hadn’t stepped on that train,
Your boys might have had a father,
But our world might not be the same.

So, to everyone whose life was lost,
Or ruined, or halted or messed,
You all deserve more thanks than you got,
You all deserve the best.

Thank you.

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