A newly erected road sign has seen motorists and pedestrians take to social media to mock and criticise (mostly mocking!) a rudery-mentary mistake.

The new road sign which stands proudly at the junction of Cofton Road, Groveley Lane and Longbridge Lane in Longbridge, is almost ‘job done, time to put the kettle on’, except for the rude spelling mistake.

The gleaming white rectangle of directions has left several people red-faced after mistakingly labelling Rubery as ‘Rudery’.

Not overly convinced and somewhat surprised, we checked it wasn’t April and asked Birmingham City Council (BCC), their response: “We can confirm this is an error by the contractor and will be amended asap.”

The BCC also confirmed that there’d be no extra cost to BCC for the error and the contractor (Amey plc) haven’t provided a timescale.

Some of the comments from B31 Voices readers.

Mark Perce Purcell: “You’ve let yourself down…..your mom down….your dad, your mates, even your dog……shudda gone to Specsavers mate 😂”

Sue Lane: “Where’s that then lol”

Tony Shaw: “If you’re going to mess it up, at least change Longbridge… to Long-queues.”

Helen Heron: “I wouldn’t mind but the sign behind it has it spelt correctly lol 😂”

Sandra Shakespeare: “You really couldn’t make it up!!”

Clair Holmes: “How rude!”

Thomas Poolton: “Silly sods can’t smell”

Carol Harbidge: “That’s how our council tax is wasted”

Maria Deakin: “I think they should keep it and just rename the area.. “😂

Tracey Newbrook: “Anyone got a marker pen I can change it lol 😄😄😄”

Steve Wright: “What’s staggering, though on reflection perhaps not, is that this made it all the way to installation without anyone noticing.”

Mark Sturgeon: “Rudery is actually a word. It’s the quality of being rude 👊”

Brum: “A ruderymentary mistake.” (Thanks for the title pun!)

(Image: M Edwards)


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