Planning application submitted for Starbucks ‘drive thru’ in Morrisons Rubery car park

CGI of the proposed coffee shop

A planning application has been submitted to Birmingham City Council for a Starbucks drive thru’ coffee shop in the car park of Morrisons supermarket in Rubery Rednal.

The full application, submitted by Morrisons, is for a drive thru’ with its own parking and associated landscaping to sit in the western part of the car park, between the store and the petrol station.

In a supporting statement, developers recognise that as a coffee shop is classed as a town centre use, the city’s planning committee would need to consider both local (Longbridge Area Action Plan LaAP) and national (National Planning Policy Framework NPPF) planning guidelines to make its decision.

In the document, developers state that no other site for a coffee shop – a drive thru’ specifically – can be identified in the nearby centres of Longbridge, Rubery or Frankley and as such the proposed location would be appropriate.

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To view the planning application in full and to submit your views, visit Birmingham City Council Planning Online and search for Planning Application 2018/07853/PA Comments should be submitted before 30th October 2018.


  1. There are enough opportunities locally to get a coffee. There is a Costa down the road a Starbucks slightly further up, numberous pub restaurants and not to mention several LOCAL coffee shops and cafes in Rubery. Why do we need yet another big business stealing business from our local places ? Not to mention the impact of the plastic cups that get scattered around, often at the waseley hills or the Lickeys, polluting the environment and endangering wildlife. another tax evading international company sat on our doorstep rinsing local business of their revenue is NOT what we need.

  2. Not sure about this until I have seen more detailed plans. I will say the current car park and thoroughfare can be extremely congested at peak times, especially when all the pumps at the petrol station are fully loaded and cars remain in the middle of the road waiting to access the forecourt.

    You can sometimes get the odd bus or truck down there too, which can cause additional access problems onto the car park – which itself is quite often more than 80% populated at peak times, and queues form during school rush hour with parents parking their cars on the car park purely to pick up their kids from the nearby school.

    Nice idea but it needs some careful thought and planning

  3. Can’t see the point of this when Morrison have a cafe inside it. Plus the bus comes down were the are saying it will go. That bus is a life line for people going to Morrison. By putting a coffee shop there would mean not having the bus. So the answer is a big fat NO.

  4. I cannot see any real benefit to the area. I realise there would be new jobs however I do not believe this is enough justification for all the disruption it would cause to an already extremely busy junction. Traffic is an issue for the people who live and visit the area and this would just add to it.
    Unfortunately in my opinion Morrison’s is only thinking of profit, which I do understand is important to a company. However the council should be considering the needs of the public, therefore they should deny this application.


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