Local people are getting in the festive spirit with awesome Halloween decorations to their homes.

The Hopwood home of Tami-lynn Dacre is well known for its festive decorations at Christmas and Halloween and this year she can’t wait to welcome trick or treaters to her door!

If you visit Woodbine Cottage on the Birmingham Road towards Hopwood (B31 4UG) you will have to pick your way through gravestones, dismembered body parts and scary clowns and dolls – but you will be rewarded with a handsome sweetie booty! (If you DARE to take a Haribo from the spooky butler!)

Tami-lynn said: “We decorate [the house] every year and have done for the last 7 years. We love to involve the community.”

A little down the road in Elder Close, off Central Avenue in Longbridge, you will find the terrifying home of Christine Ramsey!

Chris spends the whole of October perfecting her spooky look in time for trick or treaters on the big night, adding new things each year.

Chris said: “I started this many many years ago when my kids where little and now for all my grandkids. The local kids love it and every morning on way to school their faces light up when they see little things move scream. They clap their hands and shout to make the toys move. They bring their friends and thankfully nothing has been stolen.

“I think it makes the kids respect people’s homes as I’ve so often heard the kids say don’t touch anything or steal anything or we be at your home. I love that it brings the community together, even in a small way.”

Chris has gained quite a reputation. She said: “I’m know as the crazy lady by one little girl over school.”

Chris even appeared on ITV’s This Morning today!

Well done to both!

If you like to join in the fun, we hope you have a WICKED Halloween!

Please respect those who don’t want to be disturbed :) 👍🏻




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