Developers have today confirmed that a food operator is taking a vacant unit on Longbridge High Street – as window stickers appear to confirm the tenant.

After a planning application for KFC signage to be erected and now window stickers proclaiming the arrival of a KFC on Longbridge High Street, St Modwen have still been unable to confirm today that the former Bentley’s gift shop is to an outlet for the fast food franchise.

Stourport based Bentley’s closed their satellite store in Longbridge over the summer, after spending just two years on the site.

A planning application for signage was spotted last week and St Modwen were asked for a statement about the likelihood of KFC opening at Unit 21.

This morning, Gemma Butler, Asset Manager at St. Modwen, said: “We can confirm a food operator will be moving into unit 21 in Longbridge town centre (formerly occupied by Bentley’s). Work is set to begin on-site shortly with further details to follow.”

However, we have now been sent a photo which seems to confirm that the unit will be a KFC outlet.

Once details are finalised, St Modwen have promised more information. Watch this space….

Cover image W Lightfoot

A separate planning application, from a different KFC franchisee, has also been made to change the former King George V public house into a KFC drive-thru restaurant. The application is still currently being examined by Birmingham City Council’s planning department.


  1. That’s ok has long has they have someone picking the rubbish up after the students because you could strap a dustbin to there backs and they still wouldn’t pick it up

  2. Thought the area was going to offer a retail experience ? .. its all fast food outlets, parking and litter on that road will be a nightmare… not what the area needs at all

  3. Another food chain there’s already enough places to eat there as it is why not get some retail shops in there like H&M or Primark I mean you could of halved the size of Sainsbury’s and M&S and got a nice shopping complex in there

  4. Why have 2 KFC in very close proximity it don’t make sense I say ditch the plans for KFC in the old George pub and turn it back into a pub as having a drive threw their will be a nightmare, the rubbish does get picked up by the cleaners and security people think it don’t but the wind blows which causes more rubbish.

  5. As expected the original “vision” of new Longbridge some 10 years or so ago, is now turning into a predictable nightmare of bland retail parks,ugly sterile buildings, dreadful traffic congestion, fast-food outlets and is already showing signs of decline.

    No imagination at all – just the same old same old.

    • Yes you are right Zola same old crap no park running up to the shops and river Rea as in original photos. The place should be called food city

  6. Absolute joke yet another place to eat like we ain’t got enough why don’t you put more retail shops there like the fort if you had halved Sainsbury’s and M&S you would of had plenty of nice shops to put up

  7. I agree with all of the previous comments. Seven years ago we bought a new house from St Modwen Homes, it was understood that the High Street would be occupied by Shops, restaurants and leisure facilities.
    Please make the High Street a pleasant place to visit and not just a carbon copy of every other High Street, Charity Shop and Fast Food outlets.

  8. It needs a different offering .. shows a complete lack of imagination and not what longbridge was promised..just cheap fast food outlets, at least Bentleys card shop was a quality independent business just pity its being replaced by KFC… landlords haven’t got a clue !

  9. do we really need more fast food outlets !…. why not try and get small independent shops, the sewing shops is a great example on the high street, something unique and different. Seems St Modwen are catering more for the students at the college and not serving the immediate community, KFC is not going to draw people in from the wider area…. clearly no vision !!


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