Car crashes through doors of Bournville Quaker Meeting House


A driver thankfully escaped serious injury when a car crashed through the gates and front doors of the Quaker Meeting house in Bournville this afternoon (Thursday 18th October). 

Somehow, the VW Polo crashed through the front gate on Linden Road and up the path before smashing through the doors in the the Meeting House itself, coming to rest in the middle of the room.

West Midlands Fire Service tweeted that two fire engines, with ten firefighters, attended.

Photos by West Midlands Fire Service 



  1. that is so scary never mind the driver …she could have killed and injured people….she didnt go 10 feet off the road she went 10 /20 yards at some speed by the look of it… can “your foot slip”???? that she is on the road is so worrying.

  2. Have to admit I thought there was something fishy about the report of the accident – the driver’s foot slipped off the brake onto the accelerator, yet whilst their foot was continuing to be slipped on the the accelerator they maintained perfect control of the car to go perfectly through the gates, the outer doors, the inner doors, and then stop perfectly in the room, all at sufficient speed to have gone through those not insignificant outer doors? And with remarkably little damage to the front of the car, considering modern cars are designed to be completely mangled in an impact?

  3. Really perfect line all the way through nahhh ile remeber that one if i crash throùgh a building. No way her foot slipped and she could not control it. Seems toe her car was too powerfull for her.

  4. Name and shame this stupid cow!

    No way did her “foot slip”. It was intentional, and as such she should be named and shamed for being the irresponsible cow she is

  5. Though i agree this was no accident, i do not think we are served well by name calling. We are called to answer that of Godde in everyone, including our enemies.


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