We Just Read…. Druids Heath residents could be allowed to return after ‘very run-down’ estate is rebuilt

The Druids Heath council estate is due to be redeveloped in a £43 million scheme over the next few years, with five high-rise tower blocks in the area being demolished to make way for 250 new homes.

During a cabinet meeting today (October 8) to discuss the business plan for phase one of the redevelopment, councillors questioned the fact that those living in the area were not guaranteed the right to return once the regeneration had been completed.

Conservative councillor Robert Alden went as far as to argue for a change in council policy toward the issue.

“In terms of a right to return we had this problem in the Abbey Fields area, where the community was very clear that they wanted to be able to come back and the council didn’t give them that ability,” he said.

Read the full article on Birmingham Live here.


  1. Right to return is all very well but no plans have been made at present to build one and two bed properties which are what are being knocked down so how can an occupier of a one bed get back onto the estate


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