Travel for West Midlands (TfWM) offer assurance to concerned road users that work to rectify the overlay parking on Longbridge Lane, is in hand.

Since National Express West Midlands (NX) made changes to bus routes (Sunday 22nd July 2018), motorists have been left frustrated with buses using the outside of the Factory and Sainsbury’s as an overlay.

A spokesperson for TfWM said: “An instruction had been put out to drivers from NX not to layover at those locations (Longbridge Lane outside the Factory and Sainsburys).

“The drivers haven’t been able to follow this as there is isn’t an obvious location beyond this stop at which they can recover.”

Adding: “I understand that the connectivity scheme doesn’t have a suitable layover space within it but the TfWM is working with NX on finding a suitable location for the service to layover nearby.”

Acting on the concerns raised by motorists/residents and with an expected increase in traffic over the coming months, Councillor Brett O’Reilly said: “I remain in contact with Transport for West Midlands and will keep the pressure on to find an alternative location for drivers to layover, particularly as we approach the Autumn period with increased traffic on Longbridge Lane.”

If you would like to contact/complain to National Express WM Buses, why you can do so here.

(Image: Rob Meese)


  1. It was bad enough when they changed the lane layout from 2 to 1. Now you get 2 buses parked up blocking the left hand lane so making it difficult to turn left into Longbridge Town. Something needs to be done, another site found to act as terminus etc. Again bad planning from all concerned, and it will get worse as Christmas approaches.
    Just like the lane off the Bristol Road to turn right into Longbridge, at its worst traffic is held up because traffic block the road trying to get into the lane to turn right
    Blocking the whole junction up. An accident spot in due course.

  2. They could easily have accommodated a terminus where they have made the changes to the road layout at the bottom of Lickey Road. It proves once again, the lack of thought that goes into these things. Longbridge Lane is my direct route home in an evening, but I avoid it because of the horrendous congestion.


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